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Slam firing except when on safe????

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Alright, today I got a couple of upgrades and a new cylinder for my javelin m24, but it seems that when the guns safety is off, it slam fires. But, when I put the safety on it magically doesn't slam fire. Also it isn't fault of the cylinder, because this was still happening with the old one, which snapped in half. Any tips on how to fix this? I cant seem to find any info on it either. Please help!!!
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I have tried about 3 different pistons and the problem still persists, so the piston probably isn't the problem.
Alright, after tweaking with it for a little while I have gotten rid of the slam firing problem somehow. But occasionally the guns bolt will pull all the way back the sear will catch, and the bolt then gets stuck like this and I have to use a lot of force to push it back in, and then I pull the trigger and it simply wont fire. I end up having to take the gun apart and take out the trigger box, causing it to fire.
Hey should I get all new sears or would just a piston sear work?
And also are angel custom's sears any good?
1 - 6 of 18 Posts
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