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Small familynow :(

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Well here is what I have now...

The only two airsoft are the SPR and the pistol.

The other rifles are for the people that keep asking about my target rifles.

Top to bottom.....

QB79 with custom shroud
WE 1911 MEU
FWB 300S
Izmasch CM-2
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I am not to sure to be honest.

There really isn't much around my area for airsoft anymore. There are some people that play, but not to the level of my buddies and myself. So it really isn't all that great to play anymore.

So looking right now to get out of the game... but not saying that I wont be back at a later date.
LOL ....

That is a QB79 air rifle. It is my silent .22cal multi shot killer.

PM me for more info on it. As I have some questions for you about your ASR.
That was a fun little project.

Just read threw Vindi's guide and did as much as I could to her.
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1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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