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Name (First name, last name is optional): Nikolai Lumpkins

Callsign: HEAVY

Experience (How long have you been playing airsoft? any military experience? What training do you have?): I've been playing airsoft for about a year and a half...

You're arsenal (What are you shootin'?): AGM VSR-10(Its crap i know...i got it just to see if i could handle the waiting and the sitting of being a sniper...ya know just to test my patience...luckely it was only 50$) I will be getting a UTG L96...I also have a Tokyo Marui mp5kPDW(for when i'm compromised)

Your camo (Did you make your ghillie suit? buy it? Are you an urban sniper): Urban sniper/woodland i play in mainly three different unofficial fields... planning on getting a ghillie suit in May...(for my birth day)...

What are your other hobbies?: X-Box, Guitar, Chillen with my firends at least 2 hours a day...and thats when i'm sick...

Where do you reside? (No exact address, simply saying the state and/or country will suffice): Wisconsin...Born in Japan...My dad was in the Navy...

Anyway.... I hope i can learn alot from these forums and expand my knowledge Sniping...
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