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In certain Area of Operations you will not be able to get into the perfect sniper position (Prone/Bipod Supported). Especially if you find yourself in a Building to Building Sniping Scenario. In this I will be going down a list of Firing Positions, and equipment that can enhance the stability of each.

Bipod Supported Prone:
This is the classic sniper position, being that it offers the 4 points of contact (Usually we end up with 3 points). In a regular BSP, you would have contact with two bipod legs on the ground, and the butt of the rifle firmly held to your shoulder. In the optimal position you would also have a monopod in the rear of the stock, but many airsoft rifles do not come stock with these.

Without the monopod, I instead put my left elbow onto the ground and bend my forearm back to the position the monopod would be to hold up the rifle. This offers the 4th point of contact, which will help stabilize the rifle.

There are other items that can be used such as non weapon mounted bipods.

In airsoft shooting you do not have the same recoil as in real rifles, so your leg placement isn't all that important. The proper way is to have your legs equally spread apart, with the inside of your foot lying on the ground. You should be able to make an imaginary line that completes a triangle.

Indian Style/Self Or Buddy Support:
This is a position that works well in quick engagements, and if the target is sitting at a higher elevation. You can rock back in your hips and get more angle onto the muzzle from this position.

In a situation without a spotter, you can either use a sling to tighten and stabilize the rifle yourself. Putting tension on the rifle to keep it from moving. Rest your elbows on your knees to make the position stable.

With a spotter, it is easier most of the time. A good in sync sniper team has their "Lingo" to effectively talk. You need to take breaths in unison! The spotter will sit basically in your lap and you will rest your rifle on his shoulder. The spotter needs to take hold a bipod leg, or any part of the rifle in front of his shoulder, once again adding tension to the rifle where it increases stability.

Kneeling/Self,Buddy, Or Object Support:

This position is used when you either have cover in front of you, or something impedes you from prone supported. This style of engagement is good for level shooting.

If using self support you must first get in the proper kneeling position which offers the proper bone support to make it stable.

Once again if you have a spotter you can rest the rifle on his shoulder, and he will be able to pull on the rifle

If you have a building or something similar, or maybe a low wall in front of you. You can rest your rifle on that while in this position to add stability
*Note: If its a window, then be careful to not expose your barrel out of the window.*

Other objects that can be used our modified camera tripods or the new product seen at Shot Show 2012, the Hog Saddle.

Standing Self,Buddy, Or Object Support:
Standing is a position you should only take the shot in if that's the only way. The rifle is farther from the ground so it offers less support.

If you are using self support, you want to use the accurate rifle shooting position. This gives you the most amount of stability you can get in this position alone.

Buddy Support on this just takes place the spotter again in front of you, holding rifle down, acting as a brace.

An object would be similar to a car door. Medium sized wall. Basically anything that allows you to rest the rifle on and take the weight of it.

A key to sniping is being innovative and matching the situation with the proper positions. Come up with things in the field, and work with your spotter or your team. Just make sure you have optimal stability in which ever position.
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