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As a sniper it is your job to support your team by either taking out key personnel or observing and relaying the positions to your teammates so they can go in and take the target out. In this thread I will be describing on how to choose which target to engage, and when to engage. This is sort of a dichotomous key for a sniper.

In a scenario in which you see a squad, lets just say you planned an ambush, you have to be able to pick out individuals. Ultimately the first item I use to distinguish members are their weapons.

-Sniper Rifles
-Squad Automatic Weapons (SAW)
-Assault Rifles With Box Magazines
-DMR (Long Barreled Rifle/Scope)

These weapons are usually held by specialty guys. You want to benefit your team by taking out enemies who can lay down lots of fire, or can reach out and touch people like you can.

There our other smaller items that you can look for on a person, here are just a few.

-2 Radios (Could signify a squad and command radio)
-Patches (Teams sometimes have command patches)
-How they communicate with squad
-Pointman (Sometimes the leader)


Now that a target has met one of those criteria, and you are sure it will benefit your team you want to look at another set of criteria.

Probability Of A First Round Hit: If you have set up your ambush correctly this should be an easy decision, but other things such as speed and wind direction complicate this decision. You may want to do some calculating or maybe just scrap taking the shot until you are positive it will hit 1st round. Their capacity of fire is greater then yours.

Visibility Of The Target: Take into consideration how much of your enemy is exposed. I would advise to shy away from taking headshots because that is a smaller target, wait for him to move where you can break a clean shot in his torso.

Enemy Reaction To Effective Fire: How is the enemy going to react? Are they going to take cover or just blindly fire in the direction they think your in? This is tricky and comes from just observing actions of your enemies, and making generalizations so to speak.

Is Your Camouflage Good Enough: You must make the decision if you believe your camouflage will conceal you after the shot. Will they be able to pick you out, or will you blend in too well. (Take time making your ghillie because it will add confidence to this decision.)

Is It Worth It: Is this engagement worth getting you taken out of the game, and having to set up a new position? Will it benefit your team that much?

If your target meets all these criteria, than take the shot.

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Can i ask why?

Because there are threads that are 2 years old on here that people still post on.
Because it is dead and bringing up old threads just kind of clutters things up and is not necessary unless you really have something to say.

Those other threads are usually something like a build that is updated over time or a stickied thread that people keep adding their information to about different mods or something like that. Take a look at number 7 in the, it says not to bring up old posts that haven't had a response to in several months, this has one been dead for over a year.
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