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sniper from oc

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hey guys im jt i have been playing and airsoft and paintball for 3 years now dose anybody know how good the agm l96 awp spring sniper rifle is im thinking bout getting it
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::) We over here haven't spent 1000s of years perfecting the English language for you to make a mockery of it in 1 post, sunshine. Do yourself a favour learn to punctuate, use capitals....

Re your weapon choice, do you not have Google or another method of researching such weapons yourself? As you have posted this message then I'm going to guess 'yes', therfore don't expect us to do your bidding if you can't be arsed to make an effort yourself ::)

Oh, and welcome to the forum.....make sure you read the rules before you post again ;)
There are numerous threads about which clone L96 to get. If I remember correctly, there have been no less than TWO threads in the past week on the AGM model alone, which are almost identical to your post.

Once you decide which weapon you'd like to get, there are also numerous posts on what to do with it when it starts crapping out on you.
vindicareassassin said:
Oh, and welcome to the forum.....make sure you read the rules before you post again ;)
In addition I'd like to advice this to you too as a representative of staff. Please refer to our forum rules and that magnificent "Spell Check" button only two steps to right from "Post Reply". I can't call this thread of your's as an "introduction" really.. It's merely one of those never ending spamms of lazyness seeking us to tell you what you can't bother to read by yourself.

Consider this as the first and last friendly reminder you'll receive before warnings and three of those... Well... You may read that from the rules section... ;) More mindless "off-grammar" postings such as this and you'll start receiving these warnings.

Hope you enjoy your stay. =)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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