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Sniper Game Mechanic

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After playing around our hard hitting, far shooting friends, i've found the general concensus that there needs to be real objectives made for DMRs and Snipers.

So I made one.

What do you guys think?

::(Sniper Team)::
Each Commander will select one sniper team. Their sole objective is to assassinate the opposing team's leader(s); get in range, kill him, and get out, all undetected. Before the leader is taken out, the Sniper Team must radio in to Admin, confirm sight on target, and ask for permission to shoot. Once the admin grants permission, the team can take their shot. The CO will be considered 'eliminated' if the team leaves undetected, and the XO will have to step up. The sniper team gets bonus points for whomever else they take out once given permission to fire, but remember, part of the task is escaping undetected. This is to challenge some of the more experienced, long range players.

Undetected means that they have to shoot and escape without being seen. If the snipers eliminate the entire CO guard without being seen, then they are undetected. The guard team has exactly 1 minute from the first trigger pull to find the snipers and engage them. Wildly firing at everything isn't engaging. If one sniper is shot, or is found and followed, then the mission was a failure.

I have yet to put this into play, and I want to get all of the kinks and questions rolled out before the game begins. Any thoughts?

And for those of you looking for some awesome State-side fun, I will be hosting this game February 18th at our scenic South Carolina Blue Hole field. (old clay quarry). Game thread can be found here!
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Very interesting I must say but extremely difficult!!
I'd suggest to put a time limit.... If I was there I'd wait for the night to fall!!
I wish I could come to your game.... I will be fun.

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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