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I do not know of how much use this will be to you in the US, but this is something I always carry for longer events. Hopefully, you will enjoy it.

Please note, that I have not find any thread with all this information compressed into one thread.
This was originally posted on a different website.

You are usually operating behind enemy lines, you have to rely on yourself (and maybe on your spotter, but let's get to that later) and have to stay in that situation for days. I will focus on scenario based game, where a single sniper might have such a role. This is more for European games, where the scenarios for hundreds of players are usual. I will put different elements of the load out in the order of importance.

The most important thing - contrary to what you may think - is a very good carrying system. Usually some sort of MOLLE jacket, usually low profile, no plate carrier. It is heavy, makes you look fat and therefore more visible, plus, it slows you down. You will have to carry a lot of stuff, so the less you carry, the better. A MOLLE chest rig should do. Although, it usually has less pockets than MOLLE jackets and is not as good for sniping, because the pockets usually cannot be fitted to the sides and have to be put on your belly, which makes it harder to crawl.

I stated that your carrying system is the most important thing you will have to carry, so let me explain why. It will contain things that will help you survive. Here a list of things I carry when using the sniper load out.

-Two mid-cap magazines for my secondary weapon (AEG AKS-74U without a stock)
-Two magazines for my tertiary weapon (NGB H&K Mk23 Mod.0 SOCOM)
-Butt-pack with extended first aid kit, torch, MRE (Czech KDP), swiss knife, water purification pills, emergency sleeping bag, another magazine for secondary weapon
-Water canteen
-Field stripping tools for my guns
-SARO expeditionary machete (serves as saw, knife, ax and digging tool)
-Zip cuffs (not for prisoners, but they can get very useful at times)
-Four low-cap magazines for my SVD
-Emergency Flare
-Accessories to my secondary and tertiary weapons
-Means of communication (mobile phone and walkie-talkie)
-Holster for my tertiary weapon

I do sometimes, for longer games, carry a backpack with a sleeping bag, 6ft x 6ft canvas, water and food supplies, magazines, spare uniform, field surgery kit, spare batteries for guns and torch. The usual routine with a backpack is to keep it on one's back when on move, and when when the situation gets hairy, hide it and go low profile. This is especially good for most longer missions when you have to go alone and have to carry weapons and supplies yourself.

When putting your equipment on a vest, make sure, you distribute the weight equally. This means, when putting four magazines on the right side of the vest, you should put two magazines, a knife and means of communication on the left side. I hope you get what I mean. The weight has to be distributed equally so that you won't get tired so quickly. Try to put as little of equipment as possible to your belly. The more stuff you have there, the worse you will feel in prone position. If you have to put something on the front side of your vest, try to keep it in the elbow to shoulder height. Your belly will stay clear and you will still have easy access to all the stuff you need when in prone position.

Another vital element of a sniper load out is the ghillie suit (if you are wearing one). Ghillie suits, usually custom made, are very important. They can protect you from unwanted attention, hide you from curious eyes and even be used as lure. When making a ghillie suit, make sure you know what the terrain in places you will play at, looks like. There is nothing worse than have a ghillie suit that does not work. I have seen such ghillies.

A ghillie suit itslef is a great piece of equipment. Why? Well, it can serve not only as camouflage but also as a sleeping bag, for example. Suits made from bulrap tend to be very warm and so they can keep you warm in colder temperatures or during night. I have seen very few ghillie suits that you can buy that have real good use for airsoft. These are good for hunting, but every sniper should make his own ghillie. This is usually how you recognize a good and experienced sniper. He has a home made ghillie suit. Because once he has put so much time to actually work on it, try it, and redo it in case it does not work, you can tell he is patient and is not some hot shot idi*ot with a sniper rifle.

A ghillie suit is made in order to camouflage your body in the surrounding. No unwanted attention is necessary, when on a mission.

Second to last is the secondary (tertiary weapon, respectively) weapon. It is even more important than your primary sniper rifle. I know, calm down, and sit down! Let me explain myself. You will nor run around with a slow loading sniper rifle in your hands. You will keep it on your back and will have your secondary weapon in your hands (or tertiary, but you catch my drift). It is almost pointless to use the sniper rifle in longer scenarios and keep it in your hands even though you have another weapon. Simply put it on your back, so that when (if) you run into a group of enemies and have to defend yourself, you can pour some plastic.

The last but not least is your sniper rifle. Why is it the last? A sniper rifle is merely an instrument of the sniper's knowledge. You can only use it once you reach your target, so it actually plays little role in the whole previous actions. It may not be as important as other elements you carry, but has to be in perfect condition. Everything must be properly lubed, adjusted, polished, and zeroed, so you can take the ONE shot.

How to behave when hunting?
First of all remember that you CANNOT afford the option of remaining on the same position for a prolonged period of time once you took the shot. The usual is to take the shot, wait some time in total silence and without a single move (it helps you to remain unspotted in case somebody would scout the terrain) and only when the cost is at least moderately clear, crawl your way out of enemy territory.

Always remember the single and most important rule of sniping. You have to remain unseen and yet, see everything. Keep your eyes peeled and make sure you were not seen. Let's focus on how to achieve that. Eventhough you might want to think that you are totally spotted, as long as you stay motionless and wear the right ghillie, you can remain unseen from yards away (this includes slow breathing and even staying at the most uncomfortable position).

Stay out of the trouble! Do not take shots you do not need to take.

Only eat when safe and do not heat your food (Czech MRE is a complete food that does not require heating and yet tastes pretty good, unlike US MRE, which tastes like ground up shoe sole even when heated)! The smell can be carried by the wind for hundreds feet.

Sleep when safe. It is not hard to stay awake for 24+ hours as the adrenaline in your blood keeps you attentive.

Author: Shiftyshooter

In case you'd have any questions or anything to add, do not hesitate to PM me, or post your question or addition here. I will edit my OP and add your your name as one of the authors.
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Actually, since most games in Czech Republic generally take more than one day, I need to be able to carry most of my stuff on me.

Also, if you check for Russian paratrooper snipers, they do use the same equipment as any other paratroopers. This was a process of standardization of the equipment of the Russian army force in 2004.

It is also more comfortable since the weight is better distributed. When carrying several magazines, a pistol holster, knife, first aid kit, some basic food etc. you really want something that holds the whole thing snug and tight on you. A belt will never do that.

I am the one on the left of this picture. You can see some of the stuff I have on me.


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Yes, I do. It is a cape that goes over the head and shoulders (it still has long sleeves), goes down the sides of my body and ends at around my waist. I can get you a picture later today.
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