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September 15

I had a thread alittle while back on my sniper loadout, but I have made some new changes and alot of new pictures. Comments are welcome.

First off, my bolt action rifle:

-zero trigger (on the way!)
-prommy 6.03 barrel (499mm)
- pdi hop up chamber
- guarder soft bucking, prommy bucking, g&g bucking
-Laylax piston and accuracy cup
-laylax spring guide
-laylax cylinder head
-laylax sp130 spring (on the way)
-Leapers 3x9x40 scope
medium profile rings (debating whether to go with a set of high profile rings)
-Rubber bands

-Custom rifle wrap
-Tactical bipod (on the way!)
-guarder bolt handle
-Custom barrel spacers x2
-2 stock spacers

O, and she eats madbulls ;)

Bolty with my rifle wrap and veg: Its hidden :-*

Now for the ghillie and me (all pics taken are staged)

Those are the pics
Not a whole lot of veg on the ghillie but I did not have time for a full vegging ::)

Plans for future:
1. Install my zero trigger
2. Install sp130 laylax spring

Improvements I need to make:
1. Ditch the balaclava and put on some face paint (have it, just did not feel like putting it on now)
2. New paint job for winter
3. Guarder flash hider and polar star adapter
4. New bipod


September 17

All pics are staged

Got the new bipod

Facepaint and ghillie shots

Bringing out the sidearm

November 1st (11/1/10)

Here are some new shots from today. Focused on the gear aspect, along with some pics of my new sidearm (retired the glock), and I squeezed in a few of my rifle. Enjoy!

First off, the gear.

Just need a blackhawk holster for my 1911, along with putting the pistol mag pouches on there (which I could not find today ??? ) and I will be good to go.

Next up, my fairly new sidearm. It needs some major work, and I have all winter to fix it up :)

Rifle...and rabbit

I spyzz a rabbitz

Look at this noob. Doesn't even know why he's seeing all black through the scope

Ghillie: Simple update, just a few patches. I wanted one with a rabbit on it, but Airsoftgi did not have any. :'(


Look at the pants. They smell horrible now ::)

See a list of all my gear on page 2.
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Yep! ;)

A small adjustment to the battlebelt. Slid the radio pouch over towards the holster as it makes it easier to pull out once the belt is around my waist. Looks WAY to close to the holster, but once the belt is on, it stretches out and there is plenty of room between the holster and radio.

Also made a little something to carry my knife and be able to take it out/put it back in during games.

Also, the camo tape on the holster prevents all the velcro being used to hold pistol down. Much less noisy to take out during games.

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I have no clue why I stopped posting in this thread, but figured I would come back to it to post all my pics rather than have separate threads. Will be posting some suits I have been working on here, as well as new gear pics.

Viper before paint:

First coat of paint:

Other side:

Still needs wear in job, as well as a few more coats to darken it up a bit so that when I wear it in, the paint doesn't fade away totally. Very happy with the look, fits current season perfectly, with some dead vegetation coming up, while still good bits of dark veg present as well.

Current collection. Plan on adding twice as much soon:

^Some of the suits were made out of complete scraps. What most people would throw away, I hoarded in my closest for six months, and then finally used it to make suits.
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Here is my sniper set up for the fall. Viper hood was made specifically for the environment I am in now. Missing balaclava or face paint. Also, m4 pouches are for my SR25 mags, which are only obviously used when I run with that rifle, which needs paint before she gets some pics.

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Nice fuzzy! Ever consider running your BSAR with that setup?
Nice, I like it when ppl keep the iron sights on thier rifles although they have a scope :) dunno why, but for some reason I like the look of it!
Nice, I like it when ppl keep the iron sights on thier rifles although they have a scope :) dunno why, but for some reason I like the look of it!
Also to let you know, those aren't the iron sights. It's the 6mm (about 6mm) rail that the iron sights attach to. I as well like the look though.
Aha, okay.. well it looks good anyway :p
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