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Hello there guys! This is Janzen14, and I think I have my kit pretty much picked out.

JG BAR 10 G-Spec Spring Sniper Rifle (Scope Package)
Multi Purpose Bi-pod
OE TECH 3 PT Sling
Airsoft GI Extreme Precision 0.20 BBs 4000 rd
JG BAR-10 Magazine
DBC 6.01mm Precision Barrel 303mm

Please Critique! I don't want to get over $300, and this is at $270. Are there any modifications to the kit that I should do (delete items and/or change them)? I am using AirsoftGi just for information, so make sure the item is on the website.
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Don't get the G-spec version, get the regular length BAR-10. The regular BAR-10 has a longer barrel, WILL accept the free mods - unlike the G-spec version, which I've heard does not accept them all that well - etc, etc... I have the JG BAR-10 with the free mods done to it by another guy and it shoots incredible with .3g bbs!! I am about to purchase a dbc barrel as well, should make it shoot even better!!! Buy some KSC .3g bbs, and drop the sling.

Looks good, man.

I would lose the sling and the .2s, and get the KSCs like Stealth said. Also go for the 430mm barrel length, you'll have to drill a little bit of your end cap of your outer barrel away, but it'll fit through the G-Spec Silencer. Or if you get the Pro version, you'll want that length regardless.

Also, I would try and find a Nine Ball Bucking for your hop up. Not sure if they have it on Airsoft GI. But I know Airsoft Extreme has them, although they're not in stock at the moment.
I wasn't able to find a Nine Ball Bucking at AirsoftGi. At a local website, I did find this and .
Would these work for my JG BAR-10. There are some other things at AirsoftGi, but I didn't feel like listing them all, here is the link so you can check them out . If any of those will work also, that would be great. Thanks for the feedback so far.
Those all seem to be AEG hop ups, which won't work with the hop up unit in the BAR 10.

I would eventually order that Nine Ball bucking though.
ok, I will once I get a chance to. Does anyone have any idea how long it usually takes AirsoftGi to get stuff into stock, because they are out of the JG BAR-10 right now. They are also out of KSC 0.3G Precision BBs and P Force Goggles Set. Could I just buy it right now and they would send it once they get all of the stuff in???
I would contact them, and ask about the stuff you want, that's out of stock. I'm sure they can get it in for you.
I'm FINALLY done. I took away as many things as I could that I could buy from a local dealer, that way I wouldn't have to pay for shipping. I am going to get:
Local Dealer
Grip Pod
Goggles (surprisingly these were a lot to ship)
KSC .3 BBs

DBC 6.01mm Precision Barrel for VSR-10/BAR-10
JG BAR-10 Magazine
JG BAR 10 Spring Sniper Rifle (Scope Package) (i decided against G-spec)

If you have any last minute things to add or give me advice on, HURRY!!! I can't wait to be staring at some unlucky soul through the scope.
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If you do not mind me asking, why the grip-pod when the BAR does not even have the mounts for it?
I'd not go with Airsoft GI. They are one of the more expensive sites.

Shop around a bit more. Also consider sites with free shipping over a certain order value.

My recommendation would be check out or even you have to have proof of being over 18 at
Airsoft GI, does have free shipping over $100, and they're just about the same price as any other US retailer that I've seen.

Yeah, I would lose the Grip Pod. If you're going to get a bi pod, get a harris type.
Ya, the shipping doesn't matter for me. Living in AK kinda defeats most "Free Shipping!!!". For me the AirsoftGi deal is 50$ shipping. I will lose the grip-pod. I may just take the one off of my 8mm od 6. I only use that for bear hunting, and that is once or twice a year.
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