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Sniper & Recon rifle

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Well finished with the recon sniper rifle. The suppressor is in the basement drying right now.

Shooting in my backyard has shown that she can really shoot
The barrel is a little longer than a G-spec barrel. A g-spec is 303mm this barrel is probably around 310-315mm. I ended up cutting down my edgi barrel and ported it in the process.

The M4 is a G&P M4 CQB. I traded it from a guy I play with out of Wisconsin. Has a very nice ProWin V2 gearbox and shoots very VERY nice

What do you guys think?

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woogie said:
I still need to fix the front so I can put a bipod on the rifle. Although the rifle is so darn light I really shouldn't need one.
I wouldnt bother with a bi-pod bud, I never did with my shortened M24 even though I put a stud in for one, I never felt I needed it ;)

Play a couple of games first and see how you get on, as with a rifle that length I'd expect you to be playing a high speed DM roll, and not have the time/need to deploy bi-pods etc
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For the love of God, stop it already!!! All these 96s is making me want to take the visser out of the M24 stock and put it back in my 96 stock ;)
woogie said:
LOL .... you know you want to vindi

I can take a pic of both of my L96's for you ;)
Nooooooooo!......Oh, go on then...... but just the one, and I'll warn you now, I'm only going to look with one eye closed, and it'll be my good'un ;)
What the.....? One I said..... What do I get?...... Three........ Three pictures of gun porn!

And then a bribe of cookies!? :-/

Hows a man to resist such evil pressures of intent!?

Woog, your a bad, bad man! ;)

(so heres the plan..... finish my SOC16 scout rifle and G36 urban sniper rifle, then dig out the old 96 stock and fit the visser back in it, but with a bit more care and attention to detail than last time ;) )

Oh shit! I've succumbed back to the dark side...... again :-[
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Don't fall for it shady..... this man is truely evil incarnate...... and he has cookies :-/

Before long you too will be pileing on the pounds and have a gun that looks like his too ;)
yes mate, those cookies you bribed me with... either I got a slow metabalisum or there fattening

Dug the stock out earlier.... man I forgot how comfy it is to hold even with the extra weight..... need to press on with my other projects so I can get on to this one now :)
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1 - 6 of 26 Posts
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