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Sniper & Recon rifle

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Well finished with the recon sniper rifle. The suppressor is in the basement drying right now.

Shooting in my backyard has shown that she can really shoot
The barrel is a little longer than a G-spec barrel. A g-spec is 303mm this barrel is probably around 310-315mm. I ended up cutting down my edgi barrel and ported it in the process.

The M4 is a G&P M4 CQB. I traded it from a guy I play with out of Wisconsin. Has a very nice ProWin V2 gearbox and shoots very VERY nice

What do you guys think?

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I want to see updated pics when the suppresor is attached.
Also it's kind of "weird" looking because of the mods you did, but what works best is the best.
I got the same suppressor on my KWA that you have on your G&P.
But anyways I dont like it (maby becausr I am not used to anything like that) but it's growing on me.
Get the official l96 flash hider.
But i want details on the 22.
I couldn't find it, but I still want it really bad.
1 - 7 of 26 Posts
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