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sniperm24 said:
I read somewhere that Sniper Rifles shoot better with a dry and clean barrel.
Well off course the accuracy is better with clean barrel, but don't know if a lube will help. Honestly I haven't used any lube in the barrel for like 2 years now. Some say it will form a coat inside the barrel (which I don't doubt) and will make the rifle more accurate. Tried that out and found no difference, expect that the lubed barrel tends to collect more dirt. Maybe my technique was wrong (sprayed some silicon on a clean patch and run it trough the barrel) and that why didn't work. Now days I just leave the lube out cause I tend to take extremely little stuff to the field.
Experiment, my friend. Find out what works for you. Lube didn't work for me, but doesn't mean it won't work for you.
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