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I wanted to get some better opinions on what gear/guns a sniper should have for their basic load out. Also personal preferences would be appreciated. If you could list your gun(s), gear etc.

Personally I have a stock Jg Bar10, a Crossman C11 CO2 pistol, woodland ghillie suit, Bates Combat boots, mechanix woodland camo gloves, and a drop leg holster.

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my spotter and my self use claymore quite effectively. Setting them up behind us so no one can sneak up on us. If time allows we some times set them up infront of us under our MED so we can get people charging us.

its also great cause you may only set it up once every few games and they watch every step they take "move slow get shot/ move fast trip claymore >)" though there is a large tendancy for them to ignore claymore hits cause they aren't used to it. so there is a down side.

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One thing to add to the list is a radio or some sort of communication. To be able to effectively report to other squads about possible enemy locations, etc. is important. Also, in case you were to be separated from your spotter, to notify him of your location.

As for other parts of the gear, I recommend a knife for those stealthy kills. You would be surprised how handy it can be ;) Also, more mags (if you do not already) for your sidearm in case of close quarter contact with the enemy.

Here is my list of what I role with:
-primary x 3 mags and scope (mk96 upgraded)
-secondary x3 mags (m17)
-Cold Steel Knife
-woodland pants
-Ghillie suit
-low cut boots
-Pouches for mags/radio/etc.
-Rubber bands for attaching veg to rifle
-Rifle rag

My spotter:
-Primary g36 with red dot and surpressor x5 mags (midcaps)
-no secondary
-Woodland Camo (soon will be ghillie)
-low cut boots
-tactical vest with mag pouches

Thats all I can think of at the moment. Hope this helps.

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