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Alright, well I might as well start this out, just post a picture of your team's sniper or yourself and if you've got a spotter feel free to add them:
A few pictures from us at Operation: Aurora

Very Nice

Sneaky Snakes

My favorite one


Livonia's Maruzen:
Maruzen Type 96
-PDI Fluted barrel
-Prometheus 650mm tightbore
-King arms 10" suppressor
-King Arms suppressor adapter
-PDI hopup
-Systema Bucking
-OK Stainless cylinder
-Laylax cylinder head w/ custom boring.
-PDI vacuum piston
-OK Super lightweight piston
-Laylax piston cup
-OK spring
-King arms Lightweight trigger unit
-PDI high long scope base
-King arms Sniper rings
-Mojji killer elite pro scope
-Laylax cheek rest screws
-Custom butt plate
-Custom fiberglass coated stock with custom grip
-King Arms spring return harris bipod
-King Arms Low profile spring eject harris bipod (not pictured)
-Dummy Mag Conversion

Mosin's M41FS:
-M120 Spring
-Aluminum Piston Head
-9.6v 3500 mAh battery
-455mm 6.04 Tightbore
-HK-51 outer barrel
-4X32 Leapers Scope (Mil Dots)
Shoots aproximately 440 FPS with a .2 ( I shoot .28's out of it)

Ghillie suit: Varmit Hunter Woodland MARPAT Ghillie
Custom belt to hold mags and facepaint and the like

Ghillie Suit: Varmit Hunter Desert MARPAT Ghillie
Custom belt to hold:
Mil-Dot Estimation Chart
Wind Speed chart
Range Chart
small binocs
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