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In my team we've been experimenting with large sniper teams lately. A two man-team must flee or die if compromised at under 20metres. So we got one sniper team-leader ( he is the best long range shooter) 2ic (second best LRS) 2security-dudes with m4 and or m249. If we are a six man-team we divide into two groups who fire simultaneously at one or two targets.

We pack alot of gear for this.
Scout sniper observation telescope
Ghillie and or green clothing for woodland areas
Water in bottles and camelback
sketchkit with calculator
ammo: m4:6-10 mag m9:2-4 mag m40:20-40 rounds
sniperdatabook (what is this them?)
slope doper (In process of making/buying one)
tripod with gunrest
urban hide kit (what's in this, different webpages says different things)
screen (a rather large piece of mosquito net, I see out they don't see in)
Dark/black clothing fore use in shadows inside buildings.
sticks for the screen

All this goes into a backpack, some things are grout equipment. Ontopof all this comes sleeping bag, food, a change of clothes, kitchen etc.

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Us forces i Iraq and A-stan use a similar setup. I was wondering what you guys think about it.
We've had some sucess, when two enemy players yell Hit! when no sound is heard is fun :)

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You got a good point t-penguin, after I wrote the fist post we have changed to squad with or without attached sniperteam (me an my spotter) we still carry alot of the list inkluding our m4.
It's no big deal to use a dragbag once you've gotten used to it.
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