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Snipers and psychological warfare

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So I have always wanted a scope cam (Ialmost have a working model running) to capture some of the things I get to see through my scope. One thing I have noticed is the sound of a BB travelling at 595 fps by someones head can get them to react, sometimes comdically. Sometimes missing can be more effective as it will get people (smart ones) to keep there heads down, unless of course they know where you are in which case all they need to do is close the 100 foot engagement distance (I know rules are different for different areas) but then they get to face my pistol

Anyways the reason for this is in my purusing of you tube I came across the video linked below.

At 2:38 you can hear a bb wiz by the camera. Yours truly is the one pulling the trigger. I am about 100ft away from the camera as the bb's are going by. I am not in the frame I am at about 2 oclock and farther in the brush from where he is at. I can pick out a total of 3 shots fired. in the 2:30 to 3:15 time frame on the video.

I figured some of you would appreciate this as we dont usually get to see the other side of our scope. Here is part 2 of my video from the same event. right at the beggining I think is the same time.

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I feel rediculous mounting two scopes to my rifle but in all of the things I have tried it is the best way to go I put a thread up on it when I get it done. Just in time for the 10 months of rain coming up :(
Woog, my issue with that is I dont want to break the camera and I tend to beat up my gear, I tried to mount my scope farther forward but with a 6 " eye relief I could get it lined up right. I should have a tester soon but work and family are getting in the way of my airsofting ATM :)
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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