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Hey airsoft snipers of the world...
I am looking for a good quality sniper rifle. I will use it in a few backyard wars and sometimes every once in a while I use it at a ligit airsoft feild. I would like the gun to come with a scope...and a biopod is NOT necassary but would be greatly appreacieated. It would also be nice if the sniper had a FPS of over 450. My friend has recomended the Echo 1 M28...any other sugestions :shrug:
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Jg bar-10 is solid rifle with many spare/upgrade parts.
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Any others.. I was looking at the L96 Shadow Ops by UTG... Is this a good gun
Jg bar-10 is solid rifle with many spare/upgrade parts.

Also please go make an intro post as per forum rules.
Any others.. I was looking at the L96 Shadow Ops by UTG... Is this a good gun
That is a good rifle. Jg Bar-10 is another good one.

I highly suggest that you NOT get the M28 because there are too many problems and not enough upgrade parts. To remedy the most common problem, you'll need atleast $55 so that easily sends you over $200.

I believe all the sniper rifles on Evike have an option to add just a scope.
Im only 14 and I really do not know how to upgrade all of these things...One day in the future I will learn...But for now is there a gun that comes without upgrades or whatever that is really good... But has the option to upgrade if i choose to go down that road?
UTG L96 Shadow Ops or JG-Bar10. Between the two, just get the one you like best in terms of feel and look. Performance is relatively equal.
Which one would you get...?
I own both :X

Seriously, just get whichever you think looks better.
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UTG L96 is a great choice. Personal experience tells me that all you need is custom barrel spacers (tape wrapped around the inner barrel) and your set for whatever you want.
Then whats your favorite sniper out of all of them
is it a full metal body or plastic or a mixture of both
Metal barrel and receiver, plastic body. A full metal rifle is very heavy.
Also, go to youtube, and search for videos like how to open vsr-10 (jg bar 10 is a clone of the vsr10) or how to open l96 airsoft. You'll see that it's easy to upgrade spring rifles, you only need the right parts. As you, I'd get bar10, it's shorter and lighter.
I have used both the L96 and the Bar-10. I like the Bar10 better because I like the general feel of it while shooting better. That is why I own it now, But that is just personal preference. They both perform the same with the right upgrades. With them stock, I think the Bar10 is better, but that might just be because of wear on the L96 my friend has.

Just as SilentScope said, really all it comes down to is looks. Besides looks, there are two differences. The L96 has the handle (the place where you put the pinky, ring, and middle finger) at a lesser angle than the Bar10, which has it at a more obtuse angle. Also, The Bar10 has a few more upgrade parts for it, which gives you more customization.

If you need any help with upgrades, I will be glad to suggest some good ones. Just be prepared to save up for it as it will not be cheap.
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WELL MB05 L96 AWP Airsoft Sniper Rifle... is this a good gun combo...does it have upgrades?
As far as I know, it takes the same upgrades as the normal L96. I'm pretty sure it is a clone. But I would not get it by WELL, as they do not make good guns. I got the WELL MB-10 when i was more newbish, and thought it was a great gun. I later learned it was actually terrible. It got a foot grouping at 60ft. The hopup chamber was ground down to it's cylindrical shape after the screws were in, so half a screw was missing (i'll post a pic later).

Get either the UTG L96 or the JG Bar10. They are great guns for both beginners and pros.
If you like the look of the L96, get the UTG L96. If you like the look of the bar-10, get the bar-10.

You can do numerous DIY mods to both rifles, most importantly a paper barrel spacer which will increase the consistency.

Either rifle will be fine for you, but I am not sure how strong you are (450-500fps may be too high for you?)
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