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Hi everyone, my name is Simone, I'm from Italy.

I've always been in love with airsoft sniping, but where I live, the legal limit of any airsoft gun is set to 328fps @0.20g BBs.
I actually can buy an SSG24, it comes with an M90 Spring and shoots at 300fps @0.20.

After many researches, I couldn't find the effective range I could achieve with that gun.
Some say 40 meters, others say 70 meters. :shrug:

I own a fantastic M4 which shoots pretty accurate at 45 meters (I personally don't think it goes over 50meters) [50 meters -> 165 feet | 45 meters -> 147 feet].

What am I looking for in this rifle?
1) Fun. 2) Range.
But with such short distances, playing as a sniper with a 45 meters range is ridiculous, so I'm looking for a 190 feet range.
I always consider overhop an option if it can improve the range.
I always consider upgrading to an M100 Spring which allows me to stay around 0.96J too, but I'd rather stay with the M90 if it grants me a decent range. (I consider "decent range" over 55 meters [180 feet], otherwise I probably won't even try to be an airsoft sniper.)

Does anybody know if the SSG24 + M90 Spring + 0.30g Novritsch BBs can shoot at 190 feet?
The more opinions, the better. :pop:

Money is not a problem in this case, I chose the SSG24 since I don't want to upgrade another rifle by myself.
I am aware that it is possible to get same results by spending less.

Have a nice day! :tup:

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The SSG is a good option for high power setups, as most stock sniper guns can't handle high power springs. But it's definitely not the best option (actually, not a good option at all) for a low-power gun, as their weakness is in the hop and barrel.

330FPS snipers have always existed: just buy a Tokyo Marui VSR-10, they are designed specifically for that low FPS settings.

Then maybe you can throw in the typical VSR precision setup to squeeze every little bit of extra accuracy and range possible: Action Army hop chamber + Maple Leaf Autobot bucking (in this case, 50 or 60º tops) + Maple Leaf hop tensioner + Maple Leaf Crazy Jet 428mm inner barrel, and you'll have a far better gun (for such low power setup) than the SSG-24 could ever be.

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Here in Northern Ireland we have the same limit. I will put it this way, unless you're really perverted about being a sniper, I wouldn't recommend it with a bolt action. We are greatly limited on, not only range but also just the shear velocity of the bbs.

You will quickly realise that if you want to hit someone at 40-50 meters they have to stand still (Leading can be quite hard). I personally after ripping my hair out for 6 months due to constantly being peppered by 1000+ RPM AEGs switched to a DMR.

I have played for 2 years now with a Cyma SVD and I personally find it as rewarding as when I used a Bolt action.

I think being a Recon or a Sniper is more about the play style and the joy it brings rather than being that guy with a bolt action who just camps in a bush all day. Because at 40 meters unless you're really subtle, everyone will see the motion of you racking back the bolt to reload.
Then again if you want a bolt action, all the props to you but with a 328fps limit you are playing a game of kill or be killed.
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