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Hi everyone, my name is Simone, I'm from Italy.

I've always been in love with airsoft sniping, but where I live, the legal limit of any airsoft gun is set to 328fps @0.20g BBs.
I actually can buy an SSG24, it comes with an M90 Spring and shoots at 300fps @0.20.

After many researches, I couldn't find the effective range I could achieve with that gun.
Some say 40 meters, others say 70 meters. :shrug:

I own a fantastic M4 which shoots pretty accurate at 45 meters (I personally don't think it goes over 50meters) [50 meters -> 165 feet | 45 meters -> 147 feet].

What am I looking for in this rifle?
1) Fun. 2) Range.
But with such short distances, playing as a sniper with a 45 meters range is ridiculous, so I'm looking for a 190 feet range.
I always consider overhop an option if it can improve the range.
I always consider upgrading to an M100 Spring which allows me to stay around 0.96J too, but I'd rather stay with the M90 if it grants me a decent range. (I consider "decent range" over 55 meters [180 feet], otherwise I probably won't even try to be an airsoft sniper.)

Does anybody know if the SSG24 + M90 Spring + 0.30g Novritsch BBs can shoot at 190 feet?
The more opinions, the better. :pop:

Money is not a problem in this case, I chose the SSG24 since I don't want to upgrade another rifle by myself.
I am aware that it is possible to get same results by spending less.

Have a nice day! :tup:
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