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Sniping With Mesh Mask

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Ive got a question before I buy my sniper, at my local field people under 18 are required to wear masks that cover there entire face. First of all with a mask is it even possible to look down the scope or is it a real pain to do so? Second of all my mask if mesh so does that effect how easily ill be able to see down the scope?
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I can see fine down the scope with mine, but finding a mask that lets you rest your cheek on the cheek rest
,thus allowing you to get down to the level of the scope is a pain and a half:p
I have seen masks with cutouts for your cheek but I can't tell you what they're like as I've never used one.
My advice is go for the thinnest mask with the least bulk.
Just buy one and cut the cheek out. I can't say what they're like as I've always worn safety glasses. Our field even had that rule, but wasn't enforced.
Yes you can see down the scope completely fine, you won't need to cut out anything, the most you'd have to do (I didn't) is bend the mesh mask a little so it'll fit over the stock better. IT's not enforced at my site but we all wear mesh face masks, as airsoft can break teeth, even at a joule, a friend of mine had his tooth chipped.
Well besides that I run a mesh lower mask. Its quite comfatable and you can bend it to fit the cheek well.
Look at the beggining first seconds you see my mask setup. It is a great one because it bendable and I can easily snipe with it.
Sorry for not being too specific. This is the kind of mask I have but I took the neck guard off of it.

So the only part thats mesh is the goggles but what I mean to ask is with a mesh like that ^ how easy is it to get a good look down the scope
I bet you'll have a pretty difficult time.

Could you not just wear of these? Or if you have the money to spend, get the goggles with the fan.
Trust me mate, get a lower mesh face mask and then goggles, or mesh eye pro.
I run a lower mesh. I don't know what kind of rifle you run, but all L96s have a cheek riser, this helps. You just need to play w/ a mesh on a lot, it makes a huge difference:)
Two choices, one you could get a mesh lower and a full seal pari of googles. This is one of my favorite things to do whether your sniping or not. The other choice is that you can get any facemask you want and simply buy a riser mount for your optic. On my L96 I use a UTG 1 inch riser mount that works great for those days when you just want one piece of headgear to put on. There are also fancier options such as the Madbull two piece riser, which you can split into two pieces and put each one under each scope ring. This mount is a little pricier and the UTG will serve you just fine. Hope this helps :)
You could buy an iron face from Airsoft GI or another place. I've used them before and they are thin enough to allow you to rest your cheek on the cheek rest
Thx Guys, by now I think im going to go with a riser mount for the scope of the sniper rifle. This will raise up the scope and hopefully my mask won't have to touch anything.
I own a iron face and a lower face mask. The Iron face is nice but seem to vent all the air into my goggle hencing fog everywhere and a bit hard to breath. How ever the lower mesh is great and once folded and bended it is great and easy to breath. Problem with mine is I were glasses and it becomes very painful so I may need to say up for revisions.
Using a TMC half mask much similar to Brassguards own which covers the ears as well. The cloth on the sides definitely helps while looking down the scope of my Type 96. Didn't require a riser though it would've really helped from dialing my elevation all the way down. Just using high rings. Arena Flakjaks for goggles. No fogging whatsoever with the vents popped out.
I just run shooting glasses and a shemagh hope this isn't to necro and hope this helps!
But it's very safy!
No necroing and stop writing 3 word posts on everyone's threads to make it look like your involved. Mods will get you sooner or later.
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