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This is a thread in which to discuss all manner of snow sports Ice Skating doesn't count
. Feel free to discuss whatever you want, but I'd like to see equipment lists from everyone. Gear discussions/recommendations are always good.

I'll kick it off:

I snowboard, mostly All-Mountain freeriding, no park (had two concussions from snow, don't need any metal bars helping me out with that).

Board: Venture Storm 181 (27cm waist)
Bindings: Still deciding, but I'm leaning heavily towards the Raiden Machine bindings, other bindings I'm considering include:
Raiden Blackhawks
Rome Arsenals
Rome Targas
Ride Double Agents
K2 Evers
Ride CAD

Boots: Burton Missions

Helmet: Giro Revolution

Goggles: Smith of some sort

I'm stoked for the season, what about you guys.

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Sport: Free sledding
This was our first season attempting to free sled.
The two sleds where you see us on our knees is a Mad river Rocket, a very cool sled that allows you to turn in snow and do tricks without falling out. The video is not the best since this was our first year but we'll definately have better footage this year. I also encourage you to look up free sledding on youtube and see people that are really good at it, enjoy ;)

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I ski, been trying to get into randonee for the last few years but I've been lucky to get out in general recently :-( But I dont mind taking a second to brag about my setup :). Ideally I like back country, snowshoe or ski or whatever. Fewer people is always better, plus paying for lift tickets around her is just insane (Tahoe area).

Set up:
Boots: Black Diamond Methods
Bindings: Dynafit Speed TL
Boards: Head Monster 75
Skins: Black Diamond Ascension
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