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This is a thread in which to discuss all manner of snow sports Ice Skating doesn't count
. Feel free to discuss whatever you want, but I'd like to see equipment lists from everyone. Gear discussions/recommendations are always good.

I'll kick it off:

I snowboard, mostly All-Mountain freeriding, no park (had two concussions from snow, don't need any metal bars helping me out with that).

Board: Venture Storm 181 (27cm waist)
Bindings: Still deciding, but I'm leaning heavily towards the Raiden Machine bindings, other bindings I'm considering include:
Raiden Blackhawks
Rome Arsenals
Rome Targas
Ride Double Agents
K2 Evers
Ride CAD

Boots: Burton Missions

Helmet: Giro Revolution

Goggles: Smith of some sort

I'm stoked for the season, what about you guys.
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