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Snow Wolf/Javelin M24 Build help!

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Hi everyone,
I'm pretty new to the airsoft world and am starting out with a sniper rifle
I have plans of upgrading the gun once I receive it as planned (in order)

EDIT: This seems to be my final build guide
- Snow Wolf M24 = $130
- PDI Snow Wolf M24 Hopup Chamber ~ $85 shipped
- Falcon Snow Wolf M24 silencer adaptor = $22
- 140mm Silencer = $16 shipped
- ASGI 3-4x40 Scope = $19
- Systema Hop up bucking = $6
- Madbull 6.03mm TBB = $30
- Modify 7mm Spring Guide = $20
- King Arms Reinforced APS2 Piston = $33
- Guarder Piston Head = $10
- Laylax 150sp Spring = $18
Total: ~$389

Not gonna replace these sears until the stock ones wear out:
- Laylax PSS2 Trigger Sear = $20
- Laylax PSS2 Piston Sear = $33
Total: ~$442

Is it essential to replace the stock cylinder/cylinder head? Because I am having a hard time finding one for this gun, maybe due to just being a newbie and not looking in the right places-_-

I do have a budget of around +/- $400 so money is a big factor:/

Please, any and all advice/comments are accepted!

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Well me on the other hand as a CA M24 I'd say it's not that super!
The hop up design doesn't let you adjust it properly for heavy bbs, I personally removed completely the adjustment screw.

Also if you don't install the hop up chamber properly the bolt nozzle will hit on the chamber and the bolt won't return to the battery!
Also the receiver is one piece with the outer barrel, the metal even though it's not pot it's aluminum, because of there are many rifles with stripped the threads of the screws that hold the trigger! Trust me I've even see a PDI M24X with stripped threads!

I don't know about the SW M24 though, I haven't seen one.

The problem is with the design... The adjusting arm can't go low enough and whe it does it doesn't have enough pressure, I'll probably will buy a PDI hop up to fix this. It's 2nd version... The 1st version M24 were few and can't find them easy.

Also I have quite a few sniper rifles and I've worked on quite a few...!

I have experience mostly on gas rifles, I also like working on them, the CA it's good but somethings I really don't like them... Like the one piece receiver - barrel, if you bent it you're screwed! Trust me I've seen some sniper rifle with bend barrels, in most cases this happened during a night game and once a guy tripped on the wire of a trap and landed on his L96!!
Also the hop up really sucks! I'm almost ready to order a PDI today... It will depend how the testing will go!

1 - 3 of 33 Posts
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