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Snow Wolf/Javelin M24 Build help!

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Hi everyone,
I'm pretty new to the airsoft world and am starting out with a sniper rifle
I have plans of upgrading the gun once I receive it as planned (in order)

EDIT: This seems to be my final build guide
- Snow Wolf M24 = $130
- PDI Snow Wolf M24 Hopup Chamber ~ $85 shipped
- Falcon Snow Wolf M24 silencer adaptor = $22
- 140mm Silencer = $16 shipped
- ASGI 3-4x40 Scope = $19
- Systema Hop up bucking = $6
- Madbull 6.03mm TBB = $30
- Modify 7mm Spring Guide = $20
- King Arms Reinforced APS2 Piston = $33
- Guarder Piston Head = $10
- Laylax 150sp Spring = $18
Total: ~$389

Not gonna replace these sears until the stock ones wear out:
- Laylax PSS2 Trigger Sear = $20
- Laylax PSS2 Piston Sear = $33
Total: ~$442

Is it essential to replace the stock cylinder/cylinder head? Because I am having a hard time finding one for this gun, maybe due to just being a newbie and not looking in the right places-_-

I do have a budget of around +/- $400 so money is a big factor:/

Please, any and all advice/comments are accepted!

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While your on the topic of hopup chambers I should add this.

So PDI makes a specific hopup chamber for the snow wolf/javelin. Only issues are the price and finding one. Price wise, its fairly pricey but when upgrading a bolt action the hopup is one of the most important things. So you shouldn't cheap out on something that matters so much. Now finding one. If you can find one close to you then that's great, but most likely you'll have to buy overseas. If that's not a problem then your set. Now this particular upgrade will take a large chunk out of your budget but its absolutely worth it. Besides, you don't have to finish it all at the same time, most people will upgrade their rifles in different steps.
As far as I know the PDI chamber let's you use any AEG cut barrel. So that should mean that you can use anything from Madbull to Prometheus. Which by the way are both good tight bores to choose. The Madbull is more budget friendly and the Prometheus is well known for being one of the best quality barrels to choose from.
If I where you I would choose a 6.03 barrel over a 6.01. The reason for that is that generally a 6.01 can often be to tight. And without proper cleaning and top quality bb's it can jam fairly easily. I've heard people have good luck with 6.01's but a lot of people will tell you that 6.03 will actually give better long distance accuracy then the 6.01. However I'm unsure what kind of hopup unit the snow wolf uses. If it takes AEG cut barrels you have a massive selection of aftermarket TBB. But if it takes specialty barrels similar to that of a vsr-10 your options are very limited, and chances are if you find one it will cost a lot more than your willing to spend.

Everything else on your list looks alright to me. Did you change your mind on a classic army M24 then?
Not sure about the gi parts, I've heard they aren't the best quality.

Now on to the SW vs. CA ordeal. Although the snow wolf is cheaper then the classic army I feel that the CA offers a lot more in its more expensive state. As I told you before it gives you a hopup chamber similar to the PDI one. This is huge because you have access to so many different TBB options. Some examples are Madbull (if your looking for a good low budget barrel), Prometheus (if your looking for a very high quality barrel) and many, many more. Also its sears are amazingly strong. I believe you can run a 170 spring and do just fine. It already has two barrel spacers of high quality and the trigger pull feels amazing, absolutely no side to side wobble. The stock is SOLID textured polymer. As for aftermarket parts the bolt takes any regular APS2 upgrades and the outer barrel is really thick and there's no pot metal like most lower budget rifles.
Now like most spring rifles it has its downsides, I don't feel I need to re-explain them to you, but they are relatively easy fixes. Only other issue may be finding on. Best chance would be to look through classifieds and who knows you may be able to pick up one fairly cheap.

Sorry if this makes it harder for you to choose, but as an owner of this amazing rifle I feel that it is my duty to help others pick a great gun. And I am confident you will love the classic army.
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Well me on the other hand as a CA M24 I'd say it's not that super!
The hop up design doesn't let you adjust it properly for heavy bbs, I personally removed completely the adjustment screw.

Also if you don't install the hop up chamber properly the bolt nozzle will hit on the chamber and the bolt won't return to the battery!
Also the receiver is one piece with the outer barrel, the metal even though it's not pot it's aluminum, because of there are many rifles with stripped the threads of the screws that hold the trigger! Trust me I've even see a PDI M24X with stripped threads!

I don't know about the SW M24 though, I haven't seen one.

With your bb weight problems, have you considered installing an R-hop? It would allow you to properly adjust it seeing as its ment for heavier bb's. And I'm not sure what the differences are, but is it the 1st or 2nd gen.
Yes I saw your photo album. Very impressive collection you have.
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