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Snow Wolf/Javelin M24 Build help!

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Hi everyone,
I'm pretty new to the airsoft world and am starting out with a sniper rifle
I have plans of upgrading the gun once I receive it as planned (in order)

EDIT: This seems to be my final build guide
- Snow Wolf M24 = $130
- PDI Snow Wolf M24 Hopup Chamber ~ $85 shipped
- Falcon Snow Wolf M24 silencer adaptor = $22
- 140mm Silencer = $16 shipped
- ASGI 3-4x40 Scope = $19
- Systema Hop up bucking = $6
- Madbull 6.03mm TBB = $30
- Modify 7mm Spring Guide = $20
- King Arms Reinforced APS2 Piston = $33
- Guarder Piston Head = $10
- Laylax 150sp Spring = $18
Total: ~$389

Not gonna replace these sears until the stock ones wear out:
- Laylax PSS2 Trigger Sear = $20
- Laylax PSS2 Piston Sear = $33
Total: ~$442

Is it essential to replace the stock cylinder/cylinder head? Because I am having a hard time finding one for this gun, maybe due to just being a newbie and not looking in the right places-_-

I do have a budget of around +/- $400 so money is a big factor:/

Please, any and all advice/comments are accepted!

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I really like the body style of an M24, TBH:p

Newbie talk, but you're talking about the Echo 1 ASR right? I've looked at that and honestly (being the picky person I am:ashamed:) I don't really like the looks of it, which plays a decent factor in my decision of a gun. Of course, performance comes ahead of that though.
BASR should be relatively easy at $400 or less... if you choose the right gun to start with. I got my ASR doing 550 fps and solid body shots at cost + $15 (~$150 total). Why the M24? Is it just cus its an M24?
Thing about the Snow Wolf/Javelin M24 is that the hop up tends to "jump" back while shooting, and this is a common problem I keep seeing pop up. And the fact that the hop up system on this model M24 is somewhat different than other hop ups, it's pretty hard to find an easy replacement/fix without spending some $$$. And with a stiff budget, that doesn't look to goood.

Buuut since you seem to be looking to order an M24, how is the Aero Chamber? Reliable/durable?
If I get the PDI hop up chamber, does that mean I have to get a PDI TBB? I've read some issues between PDI chambers and AEG barrels.
While your on the topic of hopup chambers I should add this.

So PDI makes a specific hopup chamber for the snow wolf/javelin. Only issues are the price and finding one. Price wise, its fairly pricey but when upgrading a bolt action the hopup is one of the most important things. So you shouldn't cheap out on something that matters so much. Now finding one. If you can find one close to you then that's great, but most likely you'll have to buy overseas. If that's not a problem then your set. Now this particular upgrade will take a large chunk out of your budget but its absolutely worth it. Besides, you don't have to finish it all at the same time, most people will upgrade their rifles in different steps.
Thanks for the detailed description of scopes! I was thinking about possibly just getting this scope.
I've updated the OP with links. I'm gonna stick with the stock hop up for now and order the Falcon bucking and see how that treats the rifle.

Can anyone confirm that my planned build is compatible with the SW M24 please?:)
I'm pretty confused on which gun to get TBH.. Each gun has it's own downers:/ Still deciding, it really depends which gun I can upgrade to my likings with the most reliability and performance for cost spent I guess.

Although I am still sort of leaning towards the SW/JGW M24 still since I basically have a planned out build as of now.
Just put on the ASGI catalog yesterday! Should I get this instead of just the trigger sear?
ASGI Reinforced Sear set
You just jumbled my decision 10x. lol
Wait Wolfgeorge, are you supporting the CA M24 or the Javelin M24? I was a bit confused reading your post:p
Mods, I believe that I will be moving to the CA M24 gun now so I guess this thread is no longer needed for me. Unless other people who are interested in the SW/JGW M24 find my possible build of some use, I guess this can be deleted for now?:p

EDIT: I am getting the SW M24:p
Schultz98's info is pretty good stuff. It turns out I already wasted some money from buying parts that weren't compatible (as I was told they would be) with the M24; so thanks to schultz for having first hand experience with the gun and giving advice.

I also updated my build on my first post, pretty sure that that will be my last update.
Buy back as in the same rifle you sold?:O I'm wondering, how did the gun handle the 190 spring with stock sears?
Does anyone know about the Madbull Black Python barrel quality? I've been reading about it being great at first, then the insides start to chip like crazy = ruining accuracy even with intensive cleaning. Currently (as replacements) I'm looking at these two.
Systema 6.04mm TBB
ASGI 6.03mm TBB
Before immediately saying "AVOID ASGI BARRELS," like I was gonna do, after reading the reviews of that item, it is 5 stars and all positive with no cons. I am convinced it is of decent quality.
So I received the gun today. I'm a bit confused:p First of all, the gun came in a typical styro-cardboard box but with no stickering/brand on the box. It came with Snow Wolf BB's and a Snow Wolf Manual, but the sling mounts of the stock are not the little circle-poops, but the regular type. Along with this, it also came with a silencer adapter.:O It has the mag issue of it sticking out a bit at one end as well as having a 90 degree sear but I'm a bit confused. haha
EDIT: I was able to get it off using a rubber glove wrapped around the tip and 5 minutes of trying to loosen it up. haha

Does anyone have suggestions as to how to remove the muzzle cap? I already took the orange tip off, but I can't get the black muzzle cap off to install the adapter.

I have boiled the tip, and tried to use pliers, but there isn't enough sticking out to grab.
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