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Snow Wolf/Javelin M24 Build help!

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Hi everyone,
I'm pretty new to the airsoft world and am starting out with a sniper rifle
I have plans of upgrading the gun once I receive it as planned (in order)

EDIT: This seems to be my final build guide
- Snow Wolf M24 = $130
- PDI Snow Wolf M24 Hopup Chamber ~ $85 shipped
- Falcon Snow Wolf M24 silencer adaptor = $22
- 140mm Silencer = $16 shipped
- ASGI 3-4x40 Scope = $19
- Systema Hop up bucking = $6
- Madbull 6.03mm TBB = $30
- Modify 7mm Spring Guide = $20
- King Arms Reinforced APS2 Piston = $33
- Guarder Piston Head = $10
- Laylax 150sp Spring = $18
Total: ~$389

Not gonna replace these sears until the stock ones wear out:
- Laylax PSS2 Trigger Sear = $20
- Laylax PSS2 Piston Sear = $33
Total: ~$442

Is it essential to replace the stock cylinder/cylinder head? Because I am having a hard time finding one for this gun, maybe due to just being a newbie and not looking in the right places-_-

I do have a budget of around +/- $400 so money is a big factor:/

Please, any and all advice/comments are accepted!

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BASR should be relatively easy at $400 or less... if you choose the right gun to start with. I got my ASR doing 550 fps and solid body shots at cost + $15 (~$150 total). Why the M24? Is it just cus its an M24?
The look of the M24 is understandable (I was completed obsessed with it for a while as well as the M82 lol). As I got more and more into custom mods and airsoft theory, and have made some of my own concepts, I have realized that the old saying, "form follows function" to be more and more true.

Personally I have not heard anything bad about the M24. I was actually thinking of getting one myself. They are a little slow in replying to emails, so here is an email I received from Javelin that might help you in your decision/research:


To Whom it May Concern:

I have an Echo1 ASR that has recently broken due to excessive use and
am looking for a replacement in which I can use as many of the APS2
upgrades that I have put into it. I have read that your M24 is
compatible with standard APS2 parts, and in particular I am wondering
if it is compatible with the APS2 Aero Chamber hop up unit and APS2
piston. I have heard nothing but good things about this gun and have
been impressed with the AEGs that I have seen made by your company,
but it would be nice if I would still be able to use the upgrade parts
that I already have laying around. Thanks.

Javelin Airsoft Works [email protected]


Thank you for your inquiry and sorry for the delayed reply. The parts
should be compatible.
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I have an APS2 aero chamber in my ASR. The chamber is rock solid and if put together correctly does an amazing job. Although I did put in a custom metal nub that increased performance quite a bit. I am not sure how it would do in an M24 since I don't actually have one and I haven't ever heard of this "jump" speak of. However I would think that with good spacers and the right set screw you could fix that pretty easily with very minimal cost.

The areo chamber is rather expensive though, and would probably eat up a lot of the cost on your budget between the rifle itself, glass and the aero chamber. IMHO, play with the stock hop up unit and put the money into a barrel and glass. Do DIY mods to improve seal and compression.
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