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Snow Wolf M24 bolt action

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Hello fellas! Did you know how to upgrade my M24 snow wolf into a gas powered rifle??? Please help me! Thanks a lot!
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Not sure if there are components that you can buy to achieve this. The main problem is that you would be basically buying a whole new gun. You would need a gas bolt, magazines, you would need a valve system, etc.

In my opinion you owuld be better off if you just baught a gas sniper rifle right away. It would cost less.
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Gas rifles usually arn't worth the time unless you get a HPA rig for them, and that is a decent chunk of change. You could get a Tanaka M24, and those are pricy as it is.

But AFAIK, There isnt a gas bolt on the market for the M24, so unless you drop the coin on the Tanaka, your SOL.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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