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Snow wolf m24 upgrades

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Which are the best upgrades for the snow wolf m24
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Ik I've seen that before but which ones are the best to get first
That depends on preference. My personal preference route is quality bb's -> bucking -> chamber -> barrel -> barrel spacers -> piston -> rest of cylinder -> trigger group -> spring/spring guide. You could swap the last two depending on how good your trigger box is (stock type 96 trigger boxes can handle 500fps for example).
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What bipods can be used for the snow wolf m24
I have been looking at the Snow wolf M24 for somtime now And i cant wait to get one I just can figure out which one to get different brands make htem any info?
i have JG snow wolf m24
with the up grade set l96 as above with a tool steel piston catch
with the
Advanced Precision Hop Chamber for Snow Wolf M24

if you up grade the spring the triger catch needs to be upgraded also all very easy to do also i have a tightbore barrle dont rember witch one as for bipod i would say dont bother with one the gun will be heavy
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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