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Snow Wolf M24

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Hey guys of my favourite airsoft forum ;)

As I am from the UK, one of the main stores, (action hobbies to be correct) has started stocking this rifle; the Snow Wolf M24; never seen this gun in the UK before, (apart from the classic army M24). Does anybody have any information on this gun?; as it looks good for a project base and for something a little different out on the field with all these type96's around etc....
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Okay first off of course the gun is okay. But stock it sucks.
Personally I would tell you to get the Javelin M24. So I will just give you info on it because I don`t have much info on that gun.
So this is what you can do.
Upgrades this gun can take and like.

The gun review. 00
Thanks for replying, the only problem is that I live in the UK, and I am very sure none of the large retailers stock that gun, and importing would be a nightmare and would probably be seized at customs.
I know what you mean. So I guess you are stuck with a problem. Why don`t you get like a JG Bar-10 they should be everywhere. Also they are easy to upgrade.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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