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Snow wolf M82 AEG Sniper rifle

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So I am considering getting the snow wolf m82 and was wondering what upgrades work for this gun. Would it be possible to get it to shoot up to 300 feet?
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From what I have read it is just a regular V2 gearbox.

So anything you are able to do to a V2 gearbox, you can do to this rifle.

And if you do the mods correctly you should have no problem getting 300', though you could go the P* route and be done quick ;)
It's the most skirmishable M82 though it's still pretty long.
As Woogie said is a regular V2 GB so it's easy to upgrade.

Thanks for the help.... But i don't know anything about AEG's.... so do I just look up parts that work with the v2 gear box?
And when I was doing some research on it I saw somebody mention the p* route. What is that?
And what kind of barrel and hop up does it use?
it uses all standard V2 parts, with a M4 Hopup unit and AEG barrel.

Though the barrel is extremely long, and also has an extension.

I believe deepfire makes a 800mm barrel that could fit without extension, however you'd need to go to bore up.

Also, P* is short for Polar Star, which makes Fusion engines, which enable you to use HPA (High Pressure Air) to drive your system. (correct me if im wrong, oh HPA Guru's :shot:)

It makes for extreme adjustments in ROF, FPS, Air volume, Air pressure etc. Also is extremely consistent and will work in cold weather.

a bit expensive though :nuts:
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Wolfgeorge runs a Fusion Engine on his Barrett, speak to him if you need more advice on it. :p
Basically the P* Fusion engine is a drop on gearbox that needs external air supply.

I have one in my Socom Gear Barrett, it's the easy way for FPS! But the problem is that it's not a direct drop in and at least for me required some machining of the engines frame along with some other parts. From what I've read there are numerous reports that this is not drop in fit in all bodies.

If you're new to the Airsoft world I don't recommend it as you'll also need and external air supply and a regulator rig.

Im not new to the airsoft world. i have been running a basr and an mp9. but i broke the bolt handle off the cylinder and cant find the cylinder in stock anywhere. so instead of messing with that gun i was going to get the m82.

What parts should i get to upgrade the fps to around 550 safely?
And what should I upgrade to increase the accuracy? I know i should get a tighbore barrel but hop up wise i dont know what to get or if i should even get one.
If you use the sticky post called the Holy Grail of building your DMR AEG, in the longrange aeg section, you should come out of it with a nice semi-auto tack driver.
Ok thanks i will check it out.

i read it and it didnt really answer any of my questions.
The thread pretty much tells you how to do diy mods. I'm trying to find out what upgrade parts are needed and are good.
Heck don't get an 800 mm inner barrel.... cut that thing down and make it an SBR :D
I agree with woogie! If you still wanna keep it to the spec of a real rifle, chop 9" off of the barrel, and have it be a M107CQ!
Yeah I wasn't wanting an 800 mm inner barrel. I was thinking of getting a 500mm inner barrel so I can make it a little more mobile.

So what would be the best accuracy and range upgrade?
So far all I know is an er-hop and a 6.03 tightbore barrel.
Go with a madbull v2, or a prometheus. Prometheus also makes awesome springs. A mostfet would also help.
I have seen people say mostfet before...what is tht? And is there a better hop up that will help accuracy or anything? Or should I stick with the stock hop up?
Please don't compare Madbull with Promytheus!
IMO Madbull are bad barrels! I know that some may like it but the one that I have never gave me good results!

He may like them but if you hold them you'll feel the difference.
I'm not sure about the metal(maybe alum) of the Madbull but Prommy's are made of high quality steel.

madbull's are aluminum with a anodizing finish iirc.

Prommy and PDI both have steel barrels. Ultimate (ASG) supposidly would be a rebrand of lonex, also has steel barrels.
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