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So I was thinking about *Insert rare airsoft sniper here*

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*Waits for wolfgeorge to post a picture of his*

Who else has 5+ airsoft sniper rifles? I always thought two would be enough, but I'm curious to see who else has large collections.

Mods, move to picture thread if you want :shot:
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I have 3 (Some of them are not strictly 'sniper' rifles, but they hit out to ~100-110 yards), and another 3 sniper pistols (don't knock the upgraded MGC glocks, hits out to 175+ feet), not to mention the 4-5 that I have in the shop for local customers. (They often have me use them in a game to make sure everything went okay. Definitely not without their permission, though.)
I have 11 sniper rifles, 3 assault rifles and 15 pistols.
2 of my sniper rifles are pretty rare, so is one of my assault guns and quite a few pistols!!

Most of you know them so I won't write them down again....
Here's my photo thread you can see them there...

P.S. I'll post more photos when I find the time to take some better and I want to take one family photo:p!!

Off topic:

"Contact me for custom machining work. Reasonable rates"
^ I need this, but in California.

Wolf, can't wait for the family picture!
waiting for the cool pics to be posted sirs :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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