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SOCOM Gear R700: Beginner Rifle?

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I am new to sniping, and have been looking around at rifles. I am impressed with the SOCOM Gear R700. But I have some questions. (1) What is it's fps with .28 (2) What is it's best accuracy consistency (3) Is it compatible with JG BAR-10 upgrades like it claims (4) Can it use AEG tightbores like the JG BAR-10 (5) Is it good overall? I know to remove the Real Shock System as soon as I get it. if this gun is no good, how good is the UTG MK96?
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I have no knowledge with this gun, but the JG Bar-10 cannot take AEG barrels without mods.
The Socom R700 only came out like 6-8 months ago.
and with very little marketing information to boot.
It is almost a completely unknown...
the only thing going for it right now is that it's a Socom who seems to be a pretty decent company.

if you are looking for a decent beginner gun...

Pick up any damn rifle in your price range.. AEG or Springer and go out and play the SNIPER Roll.
See if you truly have the field craft.. IF you have the Filed craft you can use a pistol.
Sorry to sound crass but its not about the Weapon System you carry.

That just Icing on the cake.
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