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I will start with the bad stuff.

Alright guys, well my beloved APS2's threads for the screws that attached it to the stock have stripped- Both of them at the same time. It can be fixed if you re-tap them.

It is currently held in the stock via 2 zip ties, and it is rock solid. This is obviously temporary.

The trigger guard is glued in, and securely fastened as the original owner had lost the screws while attempting to fit it to another stock(you heard right, there will be a RS bell and Carlson stock included).

This gun could use some work, but on to the good.

It will come with two outer barrels, one magazine, a bag with magazine spare parts, an extra stock(some modification will be required to fit it to the extra stock as the receiver threads are stripped). It has these parts in it:

This is my new rifle, Internals:
First Factory zero trigger
First Factory Bolt handle
First Factory Teflon cylinder
First Factory Aero chamber
First Factory cylinder, piston, piston head, spring guide, and spring
First Factory Fluted Barrel
First Factory light weight teflon coated reciever
Systema Tight bore barrel

I have a 530 fps spring and a 460 fps spring that will be included as well as a 3-9x40 scope.

I have video's of the rifle, and its performance:



I am gauging interest to see if anyone is interested. The original owner put in over $900 into this gun, I got it for $350, and I am looking to get $325. Negotiable.

Will trade for upgraded BAR-10's and TM VSR-10's, must be Completely upgraded (Sears,cylinder parts, new bucking and barrel).

Partial trades for Gear such as battle belts, high quality radios+headsets, high quality low pro eye wear(preferably with fans but not necessary), HD head camera's etc. If you have something you think I might be interested in, offer up!!! The worst I could say is no.

For those who love to work on air soft guns, this is a great project as it is almost done. It is actually skirmish-able with the zip ties(It does not move at all!), but I would work on it a bit.

It would make a great parts rifle for you APS2 owners out there.

Remember price is negotiable.

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