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SOLD sell custom bar-10

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Well guys here it goes ... gonna give this a try and see if I can't start something else. Sad to say that the airsoft scene around here is dying and not something I can see my self doing for very much longer *tear*

So trying to see what I can get for her at this point... Here is what she is as of now.

JG Bar 10
PDI V trigger
PDI 330 spring
PDI spring guide
PDI Vacuum piston
TM Pro Hop chamber
EdGi 6.01 bull barrel
LayLax silent piston head
Nineball soft bucking
Firefly hard bucking
Two VSR-10 mags
One Bar mag
Centerpoint scope
Cheek pad
Custom bull barrel
modified hop
3 modified hop up arms

Can also include the original barrel, trigger, and other small parts if needed.

Looking to at least get what I put in it for parts.
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so how much are you selling the bar10 for?
sorry that was supposed to be a personal message

That ok don't worry about it man. I was going to try and get the price for the parts. Right now there is around $700 into the rifle. I would really like to get atleast that for it, but if I can't well then I can't.

What I would like to do is get it sold so I can get another rifle and start on some more projects.

So with that said if there is a price that you think would be fair. Let me know. As long as it isn't a "slap in the face" I don't see why we couldn't work something out.
yeah haha sorry but im not gonna be able to afford what your looking for my price range at the moment is around 500-550
If that is what you can do I was looking at keeping the bi-pod,scope, as well as the cheek pad. That would put it at around $560. If you can do the $550 you would have a deal. ;) I will even do shipping if you get the pay through pay pal quick like.

What about that
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how fast does it shoot? and what can i compare the pdi 330 spring to? a laylax m170?
Right now the last time it was choro'd it was shooting at 495 with .2's. I also had the hop set to the "sweet spot" So that was taking some of the speed away from it as well. My local field has a max of 500. So this is right at this.

I have gotten a few kills at around teh 280' mark. Two different guys on the same day. They couldn't believe it, neither could I. But it is a very good rifle as it is, and I am still playing with a few different hop up arms as well. But mind you I still have the stock hop up arm as well.
Ok guys ... Just got done doing some tweaking with the rifle. After a few hop up mods and what not took it to the game and got some numbers for you.

When using .30 ammo was able to get 500 fps with the rifle.

Still up for sale for 550 with just the rifle, no scope,bi-pod, or cheek pad...
I have some in game pics ... if that is what you were wanting?

And some in game pics
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yeah i love the bull barrel, is it currently black?
No it is kind of a dark greenish, with some browns thrown in. And over it all it has a snake type scale on it. You can kind of see it there in the second pic I posted of the rifle.

A little tip.... make sure you use correct grammer and everything like that. Capital letters where needed and what not. ;)
Bumbpity bumb

Rifle still for sale.... Just got a PDI 130 spring for it as well. Was going to use it for a small quiet rifle, but got a new rifle for my bday. So my baby is still up for sale. Tell your buddies
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Hey guys... Well I am in need of some funds to work on my new rifle. I would love to use these parts but unfortunately they wont work in an APS rifle.

Any offer would be nice on the rifle. And wouldn't care if I needed to part it out.

I know a few other forums will let your post your sale items... but I am not a member of allot of them. So tell your friends and fellow players... Have them tell me that you sent them and I will work with them even more. Thanks guys
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