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Some questions

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hey all, i am new here, and i have some questions (yes, i used the search function)

1. I am about 13, and my dad is an environmentalist lawyer, and as being such, he hates the plastic bbs, so the question is, is there a place that sells sniper (from what i gather .3 up) bbs that are biodegradable?

2. I just ordered a new rifle, and i am nowhere near close to new at airsoft, but i am new to sniping, and short on cash from the gun, is there a way to cheaply camouflage yourself? or would that have to be a $50 very long project, or a lot of money down the drain

3. kind of relating to that, how do you paint and/or camouflage your gun?

I mostly play with my friends, because there are no airsoft fields nearby, and the fact that we are 13...

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I've never seen any biodegradable BBs, above the weight of .28. Although, Killer Beez makes .28 biodegradable BBs. The wind will effect them a little more than a .3, but you'll still be able to utilize them effectively.

Field craft is a great thing to learn, you don't really need anything fancy to camouflage yourself, some simple rubber bands around your rifle to add vegetation, some elastic bands sewed onto your BDU's. And just having a knack for finding a good hide, it all takes practice, and patience, but this comes with the role that we play.

When it comes to painting your rifle, it's kind of a trial and error type process. Meaning you just have to try it the first time, get the feel for what you're doing, then go for broke. Just remember, that you can always paint over your last coat, which also means, paint in thin coats.
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1.) Killer Beez are the only company that makes higher than .25 bio BBs. If I remember correctly, .28 are the heaviest they make, and from what I hear, they're pretty nice in upgraded rifles.

2.) If your referring to Camo, a ghillie suit is not a necessity (I almost never use a ghillie when I snipe.) If you're low on funds, try a used surplus store and look from some used BDU's. They should be pretty cheap.

3.) Just buy a few cans of paint, khaki, black, brown, and OD are pretty common colors. If you want, you can cut out patterns and use those, but I prefer to freehand it, it tends to look more natural when freehanded.
ok, thanks guys, and i already have BDUs (well, ACUs to be exact, and the only person to have camo, some sniper last game wore a red jacket!) and the rubber band thing is a good idea!

also, the elastic bands, aren't those usually white? thereby giving away my position? or should i just spray paint them?

and what would anyone suggest the first upgrade to my sniper (JG BAR 10) be? tightbore? teflon? whatever?

and i do want to do a pattern, what do people think looks coolest/blends in well?

Thanks again!

Edit: i know AEGs aren't really what you guys specialize in, but two quick things

a) would it be smart to carry an AEG rifle on a sling into battle (with no spotter)
b) my orange tip broke :'( ($60 m4) so, would it be smart to build a cheap silencer just to look cool, and what do i do with a Flash Hider here
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Hello DarthRobby, welcome to the boards. Let me first start out by just saying that all of us here would appreciate it if you referred to your rifle as a sniper rifle, not a sniper. But to answer your questions let me tell you first off sniping is not a cheap role to play, by any standards. However if money is tight for you (I don't see how.. If your dad is a Lawyer
) but if you find yourself unable to get money, then go with an Echo 1 SOC 16 and put a scope on it, if you like the idea of firing on single fire only, and you like the more longer style of rifles, then save up money for a Maruzen, if you wish to go with a JG BAR, my advice is to just save up and buy a VSR and start putting upgrades into it.

Clones such as UTG, JG, WELL, BE, Warrior and so on have a tendency not to put much thought or care into their products, as their only shipping to the masses. There will be a few good ones, but your chances of receiving a good solid piece at the end is about a 20% chance, this is why we encourage the newer players to stay away from these weapons, and go with something that you know will never let you down.

Also, like Oakey had said, .28's is about the heaviest bb you'll shoot that carries a biodegradable amount, bb's really don't cause anything bad to the environment, if anything they'll just make the ground look a bit brighter (Pending on how many you shoot in a set area, of course) but overall it's not that big of a deal to shoot a few rounds, I've never heard of a bird or squirrel choking on one and dieing, as they are fairly small, however I'm sure there is reasons.

Anyways, Dutton has the right idea with paint, ask your dad to take you to Home Depot and get some Krylon ultra flat colors, Tan, OD Green, and Brown should be your base colors, to do a scheme practice on a piece of poster board or cardboard first, so you don't end up ruining your weapon with a crappy job, first off you want to base coat in tan, as this is the lightest and hardest to cover things up with, then take leafs/natural vegetation in the area and place it over the item, then you spray the OD Green or Brown onto the weapon.

Because you chose the JG BAR 10, I'd suggest going to google or Youtube and typing in "How to upgrade a JG BAR 10". There is a relatively simple modification you can do to make your weapon shoot in the 500's, however because JG's use a lot of plastic, don't expect your trigger assembly to hold up too long with that. But with that in mind I'd suggest your first upgrade be a tight bore, as it won't put any stress on your cylinder over what is already there but you will see a little more power and accuracy (Tighter Groupings)

Finally, I see your spelling is good, but ensure that you capitalize your words as well as hit the spell check button before you post, enjoy your stay on the boards mate, we've got a good group of guys here.

Airsoft Sniper Administrator
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A lot of the upgrades have to do with air seal, I wouldn't worry about your trigger assembly breaking anytime soon, with a simple a Teflon mod.
Yes, a simple Teflon mod will help you for about 2 mags, so unless your quick at dissassembling your rifle to do such, I wouldn't advise it. Just go to Youtube and see if you can do any of the upgrades that they do, I don't guarentee any of them, but I suppose they could work.

Anyways, like Oakey said, a simple teflon mod won't do much, but if you replace the stock spring or do anything that'll cause more stress on the trigger assembly, don't expect to get more than a few shots out of it.
If you want a guide to upgrading your JG bar10, theres a very long thread on it at in teh sniper's perch section.
Welcome aboard, Mosin cleared it up well. Be sure to read the stickies and post in the right places.

Its always a good idea to look at pictures of real Snipers and airsoft Snipers to follow what they do. We have a gallery of members rifles and real deal pictures.

Hope you get some good information.
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