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I've never seen any biodegradable BBs, above the weight of .28. Although, Killer Beez makes .28 biodegradable BBs. The wind will effect them a little more than a .3, but you'll still be able to utilize them effectively.

Field craft is a great thing to learn, you don't really need anything fancy to camouflage yourself, some simple rubber bands around your rifle to add vegetation, some elastic bands sewed onto your BDU's. And just having a knack for finding a good hide, it all takes practice, and patience, but this comes with the role that we play.

When it comes to painting your rifle, it's kind of a trial and error type process. Meaning you just have to try it the first time, get the feel for what you're doing, then go for broke. Just remember, that you can always paint over your last coat, which also means, paint in thin coats.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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