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some stupid questions....

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need some help with some really stupid questions....

first, what is this teflon tape mod for the bar10 i heard about?
second, does fps do anything besides cause pain?
third, are .20g any good? or should i stick to .28+?
finally, do i have to prone everywhere like wiki and yahoo answers says?
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FPS and backspin (from your hopup) directly relates to the distance that the BB travels.
The same way that a bullet traveling at a certain speed is affected by gravity. The faster the BB the farther it can go before gravity puts it into the ground.
Backspin creates lift on the BB and allows it to travel farther by counteracting gravity.

The teflon tape mod is essentially this (the tutorial was for a different gun however)

I would personally not use .20gram bbs for sniping. 400FPS and up I would use .30g bbs or heavier.

You do not need to be prone to be an effective sniper.
Yes, crouching is fine if you are in woods, on a field you should be proning if there is chance for someone to see you. Proning also heavily reduces the area you can aim at, as opposed to crouching when you have like 150degree radius where you can shoot without turning.
Keeping prone keeps you covered :)

Stick to heavier weight BB's for accuracy.

Google search Teflon tape mod for a guide as to how to tape up your BAr-10

FPS isn't the most important thing but coupled with a good hop does increase range. However, before you increase FPS in sniper rifles you must add a new piston and trigger unit first. Sometimes you have to add a new cylinder too.

Hope that helped. :yup:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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