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I feel sick just thinking about it but I have some serious personal matters that have occurred which will be taking me away from the playing aspect of airsoft and I don't expect to return to the field anytime soon. For this very reason I need to sell my collection to pay for the expenses I am expecting. I gave my younger brother first pick since he still plays so these are the ones left over and sniper related. (turns out he likes pistols)

Tanaka M700 AICS

First up is my Tanaka M700 AICS both magazines use a quick-slip HPA line that runs through the stock from the regulator in the stock.

*Note the untapped magazine is not included

Parts List:

Tanaka M700 AICS $425
+1 Extra 29rnd Magazine $100

> 2-Roy Hop-up VSR Barrel Conversion $65
> Creation Aliminium Hop-up Chamber $75
> King Arms VSR Red Air Seal Bucking $14
> Polar-Star Striker Spring $8
> Laylax 555mm 6.03 $75
> G&G Power Pack $55
> G&G Rubber Set $21
> G&G Gas Route Connector Spring $5
> Jackhammer II Regulator in the Stock $60

> Harris 1A2 Ultra Light Bi-Pod $75
> Barska 3.5-10x50 Scope P4 Reticle $175
> 13ci/3000PSI Guerrilla Tank $60
> Paintball Remote Coil $22
> UTG Tri-Rail Mount $15
> King Arms .45ACP Silencer + TAB Gear SAS3 Replica $30
> Hours spent petting $Priceless

I currently use a Post-Ban Bolt because I prefer the higher build quality but I will include a Pre-Ban Bolt which has its screw removed and no nozzle. You will need to switch out parts between the bolts if you want to use the Pre-Ban one.

Total Retail: $1280 without shipping.

Asking $875 Shipped or $775 Shipped without the scope and mounts

Tanaka M700 Pepper Varmint Project

This is a project I started and will not be able to finish so I need to pass it on to someone else with more free time and capable handy hands. I dremeled and drilled a fair bit around in stock so that the receiver could fit as well as the box magazine adapter. No external dents or blemishes, literally a brand new stock externally. The whole thing looks awesome and is extremely light.

*Camo not included

*Supplied screws and other upgrade parts not pictured but will be included

Current issues:
>Trigger mech. striker spring snapped and needs replacing.

External issues:
>Receiver needs to be either properly polished or sand blasted
>The magazine area needs some work for the magazine to slide in properly as it currently is knocking against the front of the trigger mech. when inserted.
>The M14 magazine release I will include needs to loose some serious metal in-order for it to fit unless you can design your out magazine release.
>Outer Barrel needs to be supported somehow.

I have taken the labour required to get this beast running into account.

Tanaka M700 Upper + 29rnd Gg magazine $225

Internals: (will include all stock internals that I can find)
> CNC KA Hop-up VSR Barrel Conversion $65
> Creation Aliminium Hop-up Chamber $75
> TM Black Bucking $12
> G&G Internal parts (not installed) $30
> PDI 555mm 6.01 $175
> G&G Rubber Set parts $10
> KM Steel Impact Plate for magazine $18

> Brand New Peppermint Varmint Stock $160
> Barska Huntmaster Pro 3-9x50IR $90 (missing scope cover and painted)
> Chrome BDL R700 Floot Plate $60 (cut in half and dremeled to somewhat accommodate the "7.62/308(?)" airsoft magazine)
> R700 Real Steal Extended BDL Screws $10

Total Retail: $930

Asking price: $430 Shipped

KWC / Cybergun Israeli Licensed Desert Eagle (Semi Auto / Full Auto c02 version)

Hand around 1000 shot through it. Couple muzzle scratches from leg holster but not big deal everybody closes their eyes when the muzzle is pointing in their direction. Incredibly fun to use makes a clanking sound when it shoots that is actually quite deafening. Full Auto is more than a blast to use and it saddens me to let this go but I just don't need it. Get 2 full magazines (~40rnds) off of one 12gram cartridge.

Stock Retail: $145

Asking Price: $90 Shipped Parts: Well Mb-08 Thread Adapter (Brand New) $10 Shipped


Custom barrel spacers by, pretty much generic, fit my Tanaka M700 $10 Shipped

more images of the rifles listed can be seen past and present in my gallery thread:

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That's a shame! I hope everything is ok! :(
I hope your wonderful rifles end up in good hands.

I would instantly take your aics for it's one of a kind! Fortunately I already have one and have no more space for another.

- Topa

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Are the 29rd mags one chamber or 2? I'll buy that untapped mag if you're willing to sell it separate.

Also would you be willing to separate the BiPod?

Edit: Never mind, I now see that the mag is going with the other gun. Hope these go to a good home.

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I went to chrono the AICS and the trigger striker spring broke so I'm trying to source that part currently but for the mean time I'll drop the price down to $800 Shipped or $700 Shipped without Scope.

Also the Varmint is now $395 Shipped.

Desert Eagle $80 Shipped

AirsoftPro Parts $8 Shipped each or $14 Shipped together.

Not having a good week.

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Ok, I really can't afford to have this stuff around anymore so:

One of the AICS magazines was parted out due to lack of interest in the actual gun. Price dropped accordingly.

AICS is $735 Shipped / $635 Shipped without scope.

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I'd be all over it... but I have an M700 AICS. Sweet gun though.
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