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Something to do :D

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Hey guys,

Well I am with out a rifle as of right now, due to me not being able to get out and do things anymore. But I am still able to work with my tools, and get some fun things made. I am going to be working on making some custom externals and a few other things for a variety of rifles.

I really like to do the "short barreled rifles" and/or make them look like a short rifle. While still retaining the inner barrel length.

If there are some externals that you would like to have done to your rifle just let me know what you would want done, and lets see what we can't work something out.
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You don't miss the crimebuster already do you? XD
Speaking of which, who ended up snagging that? That was one hell of a deal...
Yeah it was a good deal.... and if I remember correctly it was one of golden's friends :D

I made some really long range kills with her during my game. And that money went to pay for my Silencer Co Sparrow, as well as some other goodies for my .22lr. That and of course some diapers and what not for the little one.

Though I still do like to tinker with the rifles and am wanting to do some things. If someone is looking to get a new rifle, but want it "personalized" let me know and we can get something working. Like if you are wanting a short barreled blaser ;)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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