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Finally it's in my hands....!
Superb construction, beautiful finish, the quality is MUCH better than the Tanaka!!
BUT unfortunately mine came broken (I bought it super cheap)!
The rear portion of the bolt is missing with the bolt handle.
Here so pics, these where send by Dulas before he send it to me.

Also the metal piece that hold the magazine is missing! And there's no mag!
The gun was maxed out but the original owner, has the 3 o-ring hop up, the upgraded ball bearing trigger and also the cylinder-spring combo.
Dulas suggested to use the bolt handle and cocking piece from another gun, Is there the possibility for this to work??
it's the first time I see/handle a Sun Project and I don't know anything!!
Please help to resurrect this gun from the ashes!

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Honestly it is the most beautiful has passed from my hands
Incredible sense of the wood :)

May be able to make another bolt handle work..... and I would look at a few sites to try and find some mags.

Though very nice find man.... I am really jellous!
It's fairly easy to find mags for it and I've read somewhere that APS2 mags work!
I can't seem to find any info/photo of the bolt internals or how the handle attaches on the bolt!!.

That's beautiful. Please mount a scope to here and take some more pics. She looks like she would really complete a Vietnam era U.S. marine sniper loadout.
Sp m40a1xb

Well I have been looking around the net and have come up with a few options for you man....


Thread about the rifle, and a very good picture of the internals, and a simple break down of them.

This is a decent thread showing the rifle as well.

A new hop up chamber, with the possibility of making it adjustable.

There are the mags for you. per.html

I am thinking that you may be able to use a bolt handle like this. Either something for the VSR or a CA M24.

If that doesn't work, take out the cylinder and get us some pics of them. There may be a substitute for the cylinder, so you can use say VSR, or APS-2, internals. And this to me would be a major plus.

I am by the way looking for a rifle for myself as well ;)
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I really don't think an adjustable hop is necessary, just adjust the weight of the bbs. There is a reason the m40XB is so sought after...
Woogie thanks for the effort... Much appreciate it.
The first link you've sent has a photo of the bolt and trigger... Mine looks entirely different! Mine is the older XB.
On the second link it's the M40A1 (Pre-XB) but the trigger group and sear looks the same! From what I've read the cylinder spring is different.
I'll take some photos of the internals... It's very simple design and I love it.
I was thinking for the CA M24 bolt handle but that as well the steel bolt for SP M40XB are everywhere out of stock!

The previous owner suggest to keep the o ring hop up but I'd like to try the PDI hop up chamber..
I'll see what I'll do on the way the priority now is the bolt handle and the mag well.
Also Dulas told me it's 550fps spring in it.

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I've read about the fixed hop-up being very consistent. I'd try fixed first and then if you don't like it, you can get the adjustable. Either one would probably be very accurate.

Nice rifle! I wanna see how it performs. Good luck with the bolt handle issue.
Thanks man I'm going to upload some pics tonight.

Yeah play with it for a little bit and see what happens.

I would try and get her back to her former glory!

And if anything comes up.... let me know ;) I am more than willing to help you out with this thing.
Thanks ma I'll keep it mind

Here's some photo's

For disassembly simply unscrew these 2 Philips screws to separate the receiver/barrel from the stock

Close up of the trigger group

To take of the barrel simply unscrew it from the receiver

To take out the cylinder, first remove the trigger by removing the pin, note the ball bearing on the trigger

Then remove the sear by removing the pin

Then by unscrewing the 2 bolts on the trigger group you remove it

And then the cylinder simply slides out

And some close ups of the rear part of the cylinder

Some thing broke off, I'm guessing that it was holding the the handle and the cocking piece together.

I'm open to any suggestions

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Is that inside thing threaded?

Can you remove the inners of the cylinder, and take a look at the "handle end"

You may be able to get a plug made, and have it welded in place, then use a bolt to hold the end of the handle in place. Then it would just be a matter of getting the handle to fit on the assembly.

Looking at it some more....... Take those Philips head screws out and see if the back end of the cylinder will come off..... if so it would be extremely easy to make something to work for you. Would be similar to the above, but then make it to attach the same way that the original end would attach. php%3Ftabpage%3D3%26search%3Dspecial%26rs%3DSun%2520Project%2520Upgrade%2520Parts%26item%3DSP-PT-M40A1ST%26search_From%3D category&usg=__r9qn4sipKGOSAapt_jQKO7cBuws=&h=273&w=300&sz=12&hl=en&start=89&zoom=1&tbnid=epd5lxIydDZkBM:&tbnh=106&tbnw=1 16&ei=OvTgTuC5Io-3tweb28HuAg&prev=/search%3Fq%3Dsun%2Bproject%2Bm40a1%2Breview%26start%3D84%26um%3D1%26hl%3Den%26safe%3Da ctive%26sa%3DN%26tbm%3Disch&um=1&itbs=1

Wow that is one heck of a link.... sorry about that. But here is a pic of the original bolt.... I believe, even though it is for the A1 version, I would assume that the bolt handles would attach the same way.
I'm thinking to buy a new cylinder and see what they've done to attach the handle.
Does anyone has this gun? I'd like to see pics of the handle.

You can see in the pic that there was once a square part on the back of the bolt...

You may be able to go in and have someone weld up a shaft for you, so you can use a regular CA M24 bolt handle or something of the like.
I'll try to find a cylinder first and the CA M24 handle and I'll start from there. Though If I get the handle first I could weld a metal piece with threads for this handle

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Instead of welding it on the already broken part....... just replace it.

Will make it much stronger and easier to work with as well. If you were to make it out of stainless you could have a rifle that will last a long time.
Are you going to sand the stock down and refinish it?
metallicafatcat said:
The CA M24 handles aren't notoriously strong...
The weak spot in those is usually where to bolt handle connects to the cylinder. This is just what I've seen and heard though; mine never actually broke before I sold it.

If you could fit the M24 bolt handle on there somehow, I think it would look pretty good.
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