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Speedman's KC02

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Just wanted to share my newest project.
I want to say dont use Falcon blue bucking its horrible. As I speak I'm having Falcon making me a kc02 bucking of 75* and 85*. Not sure when I will get I will get it.
here is the ghillie sock I made. Add me on FB, pics there are much better to see.!/kevin.williamson.315
So far as $ wise I got $850 in it. If you want to convert to HPA, PM me and I'll set you up with what needs to be done to make HPA Rig.
Enjoy hope you like it.

Ra tech:
6.01 TBB, 510mm
steel bolt
steel charge handle
mag release
hopup bucking

Tactical Specialist Custom:
Renforced steel:
fire pin, disconnector & guide bead
hammer & hammer strut

HPA KC02 build
BTW Dont use the Silicon Spray! Use GHK Silicone Drops from Evike, or some Silicone for rc car shocks.

Shooting 300ft
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Nice project, congratulations! I am a fan. :) I am addicted to =>300ft shooting sessions!

Thanks, BB shoots flat to 263ft. I'm the only one on YouTube with HPA KC02.
Question can I do R-hop on my barrel with the space at the end. I'm afraid the R-hop will slip off.
I may try some different styles of hop, the stock style sucks even with the ratech parts. If I get it tuned I may get a mag of good clean shots then they start going everywhere, if I keep the hopup low it stays consistant. Thats the reason Im using it as a urban sniper, it has the power to go the distance just not the hop ability past 150-200 ft
Actually RA Tech hop up bucking is a similar H Hop design for the KC02. The Falcon old style for KC02 is Flat hop which really sux 1 out 5 shots, shot straight. But im waiting on Falcon to finish there testing on the new KC02 bucking. I have a pic of the new design. email me @ [email protected] if you want to see it.
these are all the trigger parts of the trigger you will need.
Note: some shimming had to be done. Where the pin thats goes through hammer. just a couple of washers will work. inforced_Fire_Pin_Disconnector_Guide_Bead_For_KJ_K C02.htm _Reinforced_Hammer_Hammer_Strut_For_KJ_KC02.htm _Reinforced_Trigger_Sear_For_KJ_KC02.htm

NOTE: the o-ring thats comes with the piston isn't big enough to fit the inside the cylinder. go to grainger tools and buy this o-ring. p/n5JJR4 or 110 Buna O-Ring. its a tight fit at first,but works a whole lot better l_Reinforced_Piston_For_KJ_KC02.htm
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