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My spotter (of two years) sold his rifle a few months ago to get by, now that he has a job and some money, hes looking for a new rifle. Since you guys seem to be a seasoned group of guys I thought I might run it by you and ask what you think. Any suggestions?

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You'll probably want something that is more of a designated marksman fashion.. Or something with a high-rate of fire.

Really, any basic AEG can and more than likely will perform the task of bailing that sniper out..But accuracy and a higher rate of fire are also great advantages (I personally prefer higher accuracy and longer range when it comes to my SASS.. But some people prefer an Echo 1 with a box mag).

Google is your friend here, go to arnies, look at sniper/spotter teams.. Look at the pictures in our gallery, and check all that out and just look at the weapons they fire.

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I've got three "spotter rifles"

Each one obviously serves a different purpose and here is an idea of some things you could do.

first is a TM SOCOM 16 (upgraded completely by Tex so I'm not sure what it has on the inside, but it hits pretty damn hard) the glass is a RS Springfield Armory RF/ BDC scope (hard to get but totally worth it) This one is used when I fill the spotter role and it is more of an open area to play.

Second rifle (G36) was built from the ground up. It was basically just my project gun, but it will be used for urban type games.

-Army Code G36 recviever
-Laylax 290mm suppressor
-RS HK dual optic
-CA G36k stock
-CA G36c outer barrel
-First Factory High Grip
-TM lower and gearbox (currently being upgraded with a Guarder M120 FTK by Tex)
-ProWin hopup unit
-G&P 10.8v 3300mAh PEQ unit
-Prometheus 509mm 6.03 tight bore
-Prometheus soft type hopup bucking

Pretty sure I didn't miss anything...

The last rifle is a WA CQB-r. It will be my backup weapon when I play the sniper role.

-Badger Tactical latch (custom milled to fit)
-Nicholson Enterprise Aluminium Recoil Buffer (prototype)
-Ambidextrious selector switch (custom fitted, not shown)
-RRA Winter Trigger Guard (custom milled to fit)
-NSN ACOG replica
-YHM flipup front sight with a Trijicon night sight installed (also custom fitted to work with the mock gas tube)
-Guarder MOD stock (OD)
-Hogue rubber grip (OD)

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I am in the process of setting up a 325 FPS, CA CQB Seal witha 6.03 systema tight bore and a few other things as my secondary weapon
I went M4 as I carry an army sniper loadout, but any SMG would work.

Good luck. Sometimes deciding is the hardest part!
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