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Spotters: useful or not?

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Does anybody work with spotters for spotting targets and security or is there any need for them? Even if you don't work with one, what do you think on the subject? Im thinking that for a spotter to be useful at security he would need an AEG to lay down cover fire to allow for escape and evasion. However other than that the spotter can't do much because the sound of the electric AEG would give the team away. Also it makes concealed hides and stalking harder because there is two in the team. However having a second set of eyes could stop the team from accidently
coming right up on an enemy position the team didn't know was there. Please post a reply.:shrug:
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Having had zero actual op experience as a sniper, and only 1 event as a DMR (where we did not get to even see the enemy!), I really don't know... yet.

I will say this, I do REALLY like the idea, even as a rifleman, of the ranger buddy- that other guy who works together with you, covers sides you cannot see, etc... that worked VERY well for me in the past. We use "medic" rules, so at the most basic level, it also helps a LOT.

So, having a rifleman spotter with an AEG would seem like a logical extension of that, especially in games with tactical objectives rather than simple "deathmatches", so to speak.

Also, having a spotter with an AEG would allow me to lighten my loadout, as I could take the bare minimum and let him worry about the AEG scenario in case the poop hits the fan. :)

I do have a buddy who has offered to do the spotter role for the next possible op, let's see how it goes...
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1 - 1 of 38 Posts
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