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Spotters: useful or not?

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Does anybody work with spotters for spotting targets and security or is there any need for them? Even if you don't work with one, what do you think on the subject? Im thinking that for a spotter to be useful at security he would need an AEG to lay down cover fire to allow for escape and evasion. However other than that the spotter can't do much because the sound of the electric AEG would give the team away. Also it makes concealed hides and stalking harder because there is two in the team. However having a second set of eyes could stop the team from accidently
coming right up on an enemy position the team didn't know was there. Please post a reply.:shrug:
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I dont think that spotters are "necessary". If I have one, cool, if not w/e. I just change my tactics and work with what I got.

However, if I do have a spotter I usually have them stay within 10-15m while moving from point to point, and once were in a position I'll post up at least 20m away with a clear line of site. Also, it helps that my primary is an SL9 and my loaner is an upgraded G36c, so we can trade mags if things get nasty.
1 - 1 of 38 Posts
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