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Spring Breakdown?

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Well my spring decided to quickly go threw a change in FPS. Its dropped of shooting 548fps (.2's) to 480fps (.2s). I was getting 500fps(.3s) and then 445fps(.3s). Now What happened over that period is my Maruzen APS-2 SV is that my stock bolt handle broke. I had to tap the bolt handle, thread the hole, screw in a steel bolt and epoxy that bolt in the hole. The bolt had to be back for 9 hours for the epoxy to dry. That epoxy is not going to move at ALL. The only thing that will happen to the bolt is if the rest of the bolt handle fails.

NOW, back on topic, the spring.
Will is regain SOME of its original strength or am I just going to have to replace it. Im going to replace it eventually. Right now I have a Classic Army cylinder job on it and IM slowly going to put in
PSS2 Teflon Cylinder
PSS2 Cylinder head
PDI Vacuum Piston (Thanks Livonia for the Tip)
PSS2/Gaurder Spring Guide
PDI Spring (not sure on what power to get)

Any information on how the spring is going to do or what spring I should throw in there to get around my 500+ mark again would be nice. Im still getting effective range from my sniper rifle. Shoots pretty darn straight for up to 50yards. But then the BB will die down as the hop-up spin wears off and the crosswind takes the BB down to the earth.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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The spring costs like 15 bucks. You should have looked ahead of time and taken the spring out before you did this.
DeadEye I didnt do anything YET. I am planning on doin that. I was talking to livonia and he said it could be a simple suction problem due to the hop-up bucking, the spring has broken down and bit from 9hours of beind compressed, or because I have a classic army cylinder
. Im going to get a teflon cylinder and vacuum piston for sure anyway so If I make those purchases now I wont have to down the road. For now im going to go to another even, chrono it there, and see if theres any further damage done tothe hop-up bucking or spring
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