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Spring FPS Plateau

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From your experience, what FPS do the springs you originally bought shoot now (w/ 0.20g)?

Please post current FPS, brand, original spring rating, and about how many shots you've put through it.

Angel Custom m170- 470fps 5k shots

Laylax m210 - 650fps <100 shots

UTG Upgrade Kit Spring m170 - 400fps 8k shots

If possible, I'd like to determine the plateau for each spring rating.
This may help people know what FPS to expect after using their spring for a long time.
Maybe I'm the only one who's curious :hehe:
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Angel custom=matrix so don't expect much from it.
uhh my UTG M324 5th gen is shooting right around 400 fps with its stock spring. I bought it used so im going to guess over 1k shots. I know i have put atleast 350 through it.
More helpful if you posted the original FPS as well as the current.

2 bird with 1 stone.
I'm pretty sure this thread isn't going to built up speed so I'll just ask;

What's the most FPS loss you've had on a Laylax spring or another spring for that matter?

Original fps rating vs. current rating :shot:
Did you ever chrono your type 96 while the spring was brand new before you put alot of rounds through it? If so i can use that as a bench mark for mine and get the new reading from it.

The only problem i see with this entire thing is that most people that will chrono their gun right away are going to upgrade other parts of the rifle as well so you might not get the accurate results that your looking for.
True. I just wanted to start a post about spring power loss. I realized there isn't a sticky or ANYTHING regarding spring power after 'x' amount of time, oh well.

Springs #1, #2, and #3 mentioned below was when the gun had no internal upgrades. When I say I used the UTG Upgrade Spring, I chrono'ed it with the stock piston+stock spring guide.

1) Stock spring originally shot 430FPS. After several thousand rounds 4k+, it's now shooting around 380FPS. I think this has to do with the spring shorter than more powerful springs. Therefore not much compression occurs.

2) My Angel Custom Spring Originally shot 541FPS consistently, then after maybe 700ish shots or even less it shot down to 500FPS. Very poor springs in my opinion. It is not shooting 470FPS after several thousand bb's.

3) The UTG Upgrade Spring originally shot in the lower 550ish FPS. It's been used quite a lot and now it shoots 390FPS! Yes. I said 390FPS. It was working fine, then BOOM! The other day it went from 470FPS to 390FPS in about 5 hours of shooting :lmao:

4) My Laylax m210 spring brand-spanking-new shot 660-689FPS. After about 100 shots I believe it has gone down to 650FPS. Probably because a spring that long will compress much quicker than springs shorter than the m210.

I feel this thread MIGHT die soon, but I like to share my findings just for others' reference.
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