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Spring Kar98? (No Ejecting Shells)

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I was wondering if there was even a Sniper Rifle that is a Kar98 Spring Powered that doesn't use the stupid ejecting shells.

The only Kar98's that I know of are Dboys and Mauser. Am I missing one?
Any help or support is gladly taken.
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Oh fail, didn't see the spring part. Guess your SOL...then again maybe KTW did...nope KTW didn't.
I haven't seen one yet but who knows maybe Zeta labs make one.

Yea Gas doesn't really work to well down here in TX. I have also send Wanko an email maybe he could help me out.

Here is what I am afraid of... I have to buy two different guns to make this!
From what I've heard the Zeta Nagants were terrible, and that's very real AHP, I've saw the conversion done, but it required two guns. Anyway, why not use the Tanaka with the HPA, AFAIK, the Dboys isn't upgradable and to modify it to fit upgrade parts isn't fun from what I've heard.
I would but the Tanaka Kar98's are expensive as hell. I would think that the only way to get a kar98 is buy one used.
And then... we get into "How often does that happen"!
There used to be someone in my local state boards that would sell kar98's. He would make a wood kar98 stock and fit bar10 internals into it. Did a wicked job at it too haven't seen him around in a long time though.
Texas is awesome weather for gas? Especially South Tx? It's hot 75-80% of the year.

Honestly, to buy the two spring rifles for the mod, then to buy upgrades, you won't be far off the price of a used Tanaka, perhaps even be more?

Until G&G ever makes their gas K98 a reality, your best option will always be the Tanaka.

There are 3 tanakas for sale for 400-850 on WW2 Airsoft forum.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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