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Spring Loadout

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Gearing up for the season, figured I'd share my spring season setup. Yes thats no Jute or veg on the legs , much easier to move and crawl.

Maruzen APS2
-Fully upped.

Condor Mollie Belt
-2x Pistol mag pouches (Pistol)
-Double pistol pouch (Rifle)
-Large pouch
-Tool pouch (for tearing down rifle)
-Motorola Radio
-Chem Lights

Western Arms OD Warrior
-3 Mags.

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Yes I have, I just don't like getting caught up.
Hey that looks like fuzzys belt.
Digging this set up. Lately I have been playing games without my ghillie pants, and instead swapping them for my naked BDU pants. Just so much easier to move, and you are much lighter.

How you liking the pistol holster/pouch thing? I absolutely love mine, and for the price it cannot be beat. The only thing I would suggest is a magazine guard. I just feel like the mag in the pistol is so vulnerable without anything keeping it from sneaking out if the mag release was to be pressed.

And I see you have rubber bands and glow sticks..Yep, you are all set. Those are the two absolute essentials. ;)
It really is alot easier to move.

The holster pouch hasnt given me any problems thus far and i'm not worried about the mag slidin' out :)

This loadout should be my most effictive yet. ;)
What is the point of the glow sticks, I assume you guys have a reason for them, so can you let me in on why you use 'em?
Most players use them at night operations in place of a red kill rag, since you can't see at night. There may be other reasons for them, but that's what I use them for.
Or for identifying friendlies from foes if everyone can't afford NVGs and IR strobe lights.
Nice looking set up :) I am looking for something like this aswell. Ordered my battle belt but just missed the last batch, next batch = end of july I think they said :(

Anyway, looks great :)
I am the same way with my ghillie as well. I hardly wear the pants anymore.... but yes I wear something else you pervs....

Nice load out man. Been looking at the APS rifles as well... being as I have a few mags already, would be nice to not have to keep track of more rifles
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Vampyre (Immortal) said:
What is the point of the glow sticks, I assume you guys have a reason for them, so can you let me in on why you use 'em?
They can be used for lights during night games. You can throw one into a room and use that as a small light, that lets you see what is/is not in a room. Can also be used at night games when you drop something or need to look at a map. The best thing to do is get under a jacket, coat, etc. that way the enemy cannot see the stick glowing into the darkness.

I rarely use mine, but this would be a few reasons as to why I would bring one or two.
Great looking set-up. APS is a slick gun. Did you make the suit
Thanks for all of the feedback,

The suit was purchased as a kit and I kindda Freestyled it. haha ;)
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