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Spring vs Gas vs Electric

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Sup brahs, SamuraiBrah is in. I want to know your opinion on the best type of airsoft gun for sniping; Spring, Gas, or Electric.

Instead of just saying which you prefer, why not add in a little about your playing style, what gun you use, and why the type of airsoft gun you chose is best. Of course these are all opinions, and each gun has its ups and downs.


Well I guess I'll start off. I've never used a gas sniper, but I have used gas powered guns. That being said, my favorite type of gun is very easily spring, bolt action snipers. Second I would have to say electric, then finally gas.

My favorite thing about spring rifles is how quiet they are. With electric you hear the gearbox wind up, and from the experience I have with gas, the discharge is usually quite a bit louder than spring. With anybody I talk to after battles, their first response is always: "Where the f*ck were you?" Nobody hears my gun, just my bbs.

Another thing I love about spring rifles, is the realism of them. There's something great about 1 shot 1 kill with spring. Of course the military uses semi-automatic snipers, but any very long distance shot is going to be taken with bolt action. I shoot real firearms, and hunt quite a bit. There's a reason why hunters aren't going out with semi-auto aks (I've hunted with one before, kind of sucks), and are only using bolt action. I guess what I'm saying is, is that I feel more like a legitimate sniper using spring.

My play style is very patient. As I said I hunt, I'm not road hunting. I'm hiking 3 miles uphill, and sitting in the same spot for 3+ hours while someone pushes deer toward me. My tactics involves getting to my target location as quickly as I can, and waiting it out. If I'm in a good spot, I have no reason to move even after I've hit a couple people.
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I'm using mostly gas, the bolt action rifles are dead quiet, the GBBs produce some noise but the fun factor sky rockets when I use them!

Easily the GBBs are the way to go!
If you haven't tried one for a few minutes you can't appreciate them!
I prefer the Daytona Gun rifles and the TM pistols!! You can't go wrong with them!!

Second are springers, as they are accurate and reliable.

AEGs are [email protected]! Except a very few rifles but the majority are bad!
At least this is my opinion! I love the RS SVD and the Masada but I can't say the same for the rest, that includes Systema's!

Once you go gas you can't go back!

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